Friday, December 16, 2016

Things Finished and Unfinished

I did get one thing finished.  I made a table topper, for a Christmas present.  I still need to mail it.  I machine quilted it. 
table topper

up close of the machine quilting

backing, showing the quilting

I injured my elbow 2 days after I started the Pat Sloan Machine Quilting Challenge.  That was over a month ago.  After it started getting worse, not better, I finally went to the doctor.  He diagnosed me with Tennis Elbow.  I've either been wearing a brace, or, hubby has been taping the elbow (much more comfortable).  Because I've now been very limited on what I can do, I've not gotten much sewing done. 

Sewing binding doesn't hurt (thank goodness), so, I've been getting some binding done.  I've finished the Signature quilt, along with the table topper above.  I'm also 3/4's done with the Happily Scrappily Irish quilt, that I got back from the quilter the day my elbow started hurting.  I couldn't even hold the quilt up, to look at it.  It was too heavy. 

I have 2 baby quilts that I have to finish by the first of the year.  These should have been finished several weeks ago, but, I've been stitching super slowly, trying to keep from hurting my elbow even more.  I finished the blocks, with sashings attached to 2 sides, this afternoon. I really wanted to finish the quilt tops on my hand crank (it doesn't hurt to hand crank, but, is starting to make my arm really tired, as of this afternoon) :(. 
blocks stitched on 1927 Singer 15 hand crank (shown)

2 quilt tops worth of blocks
I had hubby move my hand crank (I'm not allowed to lift anything with my right arm) and set up Betty Sue, my Featherweight.  I'll finish these quilt tops with Betty Sue.
1939 Singer 221 (Betty Sue)
These blocks are from the Bear Paw QAL.  I'm only using Bear Paw blocks, not the 'Bear' blocks for these baby quilts.  I already have 2 different colors of Minkee for the backing (purple and green).  I'll be seeing both of these babies in early January, which is why I really  need to finish these quilts. 

I still have 2 purses to make, too.  I haven't even tried to cut them out (using a rotary cutter for very long is uncomfortable).  Some of my Christmas presents may just be really late.  At least straight line machine quilting doesn't hurt, since my elbow sits in a nice position when I do it.  Flat is fine, but, turning my hand causes pain. 


  1. Your table mat is very pretty and I just love your little paws. Do take care and time to heal - gifts can wait as I am sure people would rather have you healthy.

  2. Well, you are soldiering on! I wish I had a 15 handcrank. I had to turn a Spartan into one. I would trade two 15 potted motors for one like yours! It is lovely! Are you doing Physical Therapy? I sprained my ankle on the Buffalo Garden Walk (the best in the nation!) and am still having pain with it. PT has me not limping anymore, but it still pains across the top of the foot. Good thing I don't sew with my foot.

  3. Oh poor you! That tennis elbow can't be fun. Look after yourself and don't overdo things. I'm sure the gifts you were making will be happily received after Christmas also. Your table toper looks lovely.

  4. I sure understand your impatience with the healing time that is required. As so many told me, there will be time once you are better:) Do what you can, stop when the pain speaks,and remember to enjoy what you can.

  5. So sorry about your elbow! I hope it will be mended soon and you'll be back at the sewing machine.

  6. Your table topper is gorgeous. Oh hope it heals quickly. Glad it doesn't hurt to do binding.

  7. Oh no, is it the arm that turns the crank? I've had tennis elbow and it hurts! I hope it gets better soon and you're back to cranking out beautiful things :)

  8. Oh dear Cheryl... hope that heals up quickly! That is terrible to have pain when you sew!

  9. So sorry to hear about your elbow... such timing you have! You are still doing more work (injured) than I am. I haven't touched any sewing in weeks. Just hit one of those spots where I just don't feel motivated... but I have a wedding coming up in May and only a start on that quilt.
    Hang in there girl. Things will get better.

  10. What a bummer! Tennis elbow...quilter elbow, I hope you are feeling better everyday! Take care!

  11. What a beautiful patriotic looking table topper! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. Very nice table topper. I wish I could make a machine behave that well.

  13. Your table topper is gorgeous! I love the red, white and blue combination.


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