Saturday, April 1, 2017

Channahon Quilt Show

The Morris Quilt Guild had a quilt show at a church in Channahon, IL.  I went yesterday (it is also today).

I've been to this show in the past, at a different location.  I liked this show, but, I thought previous shows were better, since they hung the quilts before, and this time the quilts were draped across the pews in the sanctuary.  It's harder to see the quilts when they are draped, not hung.  Still, some lovely quilts.

right side of the sanctuary

left side of the sanctuary
I did get some up close pictures of some of the quilts that caught my eye.  This Celtic quilts had all the applique done by hand, and little crystals glittered on the circles.

fun and bright pinwheels

Pretty spring flowers
Little quilts were hanging on the walls, under the windows.  I've made this cat in a pumpkin block before.

Look at all the applique that went into this little quilt.

This next quilt reminds me that I really need to finish my quilt from this same BOM, back in 2005.  I only have 1 block left to make, then I can make my sashing, and finish the quilt.

I just need to make the bottom, right block so that I can finish my quilt
Yes, that quilt is on my 2017 'To Do' list. 

this is a different Celtic quilt.  It is turned differently, and finished differently

I love churn dash blocks

fun and bright

tiny postage stamp pieces

I love how turning the block, and using different colors for the edges gives this quilt a secondary pattern

lots of small blocks makes for a great flag quilt
Several years ago, I blogged about this same quilt show.  The first thing I noticed, as I drove into the parking lot, back then, was a quilted Tahoe.  The challenge quilts for this quilt show were 'Parade' mini quilts.  They had 2 different elephant parade quilts (sorry, no pictures, drats), and several others.  I took pictures of these two challenge quilts that showed the quilted Tahoe, from the past.
quilted Tahoe

another quilted Tahoe
If you click on the link above, you will see several pictures of the original quilted Tahoe.

Instead of raffle baskets at this quilt show, the members got in groups, and decorated chairs for the raffle.
pretty in pink

School Days

2 different raffle chairs

I wish I had a place for these

nice quilt with the antique needlepoint chair

I know some of the ladies who worked on this one

I need to figure out how to do this to one of my chairs

cute for a porch, love the quilt barn block

I bought a ticket for this one, mainly for the foot stool

tuffet and chair set

There was a members booth, but, I only bought some quilt themed reading books this time.  There was also a vendors area, where I purchased a few items (sorry, I didn't get pictures).

I went to an Estate Sale, not far from this quilt show, and saw the prettiest pink Necchi sewing machine for sale (no, I didn't get it).  I did get a set of embroidered quilt blocks.  I'll have to think about how to put them all together.

After that , I headed to a Quilter's Sale, closer to home.  Uh oh!  I DID buy quite a lot there, including some Christmas presents.  They had quilt tops and table runners, ready to layer and quilt (yes, I got some), fabrics (no, I didn't get any of those) rulers, patterns and books, and notions.  I haven't taken any pictures of what I got there, either.  I got a large IKEA bag full of goodies.

Lots of great ideas from some of you, for future quilt guild meetings.  I'm working on one, and will get some of the other ideas ready for future months.  Thanks!

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  1. Lovely show, interesting Celtic. That is a nice change in raffle - some of those chairs are gorgeous and wonderful items with them.

  2. Thanks for showing the show. Love to go to them, but I just have not heard of any locally. You sure have been busy visiting all kinds of shows.

  3. Gorgeous quilts. I have been to a couple of shows in churches. Love their raffle chairs.

  4. What a novel idea to raffle the chairs. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  5. Good shots of the quilts that caught your eye. I like quite a few of those too. Thanks for taking us along.

  6. Nice show of great quilts but I think it would have been better to see them hung.

  7. Fun to see them in the church, but they do not show as well as hung-I agree. In that first pic I see the owl eyes peeking above the pew! Those fabric covered chairs are adorable.

  8. A very different display for the show....just not as easy to see the overall quilt. Love the original. Your other stops sound very productive3:)

  9. Beautiful quilts! Thank you for sharing them!

  10. Beautiful quilts but it is too bad that they are draped like that, it makes it hard to see the quilt and it must have been weird walking through those narrow pews to see each one. Easy set up though.

  11. That's a fun quilt show (maybe they didn't have people who could do the hanging work?) - harder to see the quilts, but also kinda neat in a novel way to see the pews draped. I like how the first Celtic quilt looks like it would hang in a shield shape. I've never seen the chair idea done.

  12. Amazing quilts. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  13. It really is harder to appreciate them when they're draped over pews instead of hung, isn't it? But having been on the committee that hangs quilts, I can appreciate why draping them is a WHOLE lot easier! I love all the chair displays -- that was a fantastic idea! I'm gearing up for a trip to Paducah at the end of the month (our guild charters a bus) and I'm looking forward to that. Unless a baby takes its time and comes that weekend! :)

  14. Thanks for sharing the quilt show. I guess quilts hung over pews is better than no quilt show. Oh my, I've never seen a pink sewing machine of any brand.

  15. Thanks for sharing! I love quilt much inspiration. Jean

  16. So much eye-candy and lots of ideas too. Thank you for sharing. Love the bicycles :-)

  17. Don't you love quilt shows. They always make me want to get home and get sewing! You seem to have done some great shopping too. Also love the quilt shopping. Lots of motivation and inspiration.


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