Saturday, September 23, 2017

2017 Lyon's Farm Fall Festival

Almost every year, since 2012 I've had a booth at Lyon's Farm Fall Festival, to show off some of my vintage machines (no selling) and do demo's.  Here are some pictures from this years booth.

My booth is a double booth, and I get the same area each year.  The first year I participated, I had this whole building to myself.  Each year afterwards, they add more and more vendors to this building, so, my area shrinks.  I still get more room than the paying vendors (when you do demos of historical things, and don't sell anything, you get a free booth).

This is what you see, when you enter the building. 

my booth

I brought 14 different machines to this demo. 
'Debbie' a 1950's Class 15, that I turned into a hand crank

'Victor' another 1950's Class 15 that is now a treadle

I brought the sewing chair I recovered.
recovered sewing chair

Here are more machines.
1927 Singer 15 hand crank

1953 Singer 301A in it's card table

Every year I have a hand crank machine set up for the kids to sew on.  It is always this machine.  The kids (and their parents) love to sew on this machine.  This is also the machine that my husband uses when he stitches his camping/backpacking items.
1914 Singer 66 back clamp hand crank

1925 Singer 99 3/4 size machine 'Tinkerbell'

1926 Singer 128 3/4 size machine

approx 1927 Frister & Rossman Model E

1950's Home Mark Class 15 electric

This is my oldest sewing machine.
1880 Willcox & Gibbs hand crank

early 1900's Gritzner

1878-1885 Wheeler & Wilson

1939 Singer 221 Featherweight 'Betty Sue'

1911-12 Bradbury VS

I was going to wear one of my new aprons while I was in the booth, but, it was 95 degrees today, with high humidity, and I was in an un-air conditioned building.  I didn't want to add another layer of clothing.  I decided to show them off on my ironing board instead. 
vintage ironing board and new aprons

Hubby glued me 2 more sets of chair wheelies, so, I decided to try them out this weekend.
new chair wheelies

I got a free sewing table this summer, and haven't had a chance to use it yet.  Here it is, with the sewing machine I was stitching on today.
new sewing table

Last week, I found another sewing table that I could use with my vintage machines.  Most sewing tables are made for a specific machine, so, they don't work.  This one works great.
new(est) sewing table

Since I would have several hours of stitching time (between chatting about vintage machines and helping kids sew) I decided it would be a good time to work on some of Kevin's Sapphire Star Mystery Quilt Along Clues.  I decided to stitch on Clue #2.  Well, Here is what Kevin had to say about Clue #2.....

Get out your feather boas quilters........
because we are going to be.........


Here is my boa, and some strips....

strips with my boa

Since this was Kevin's Mystery I was stitching, I decided that the cute rooster pin cushion he made me had to come along to the demo.  See it at the top of the previous picture?  Several people saw the rooster and had to check him out. 

stitching on some strips

With all the chatting I did today, I didn't get this Clue finished.  Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow, and I'll be able to start on Clue #3. 

I'm wanting my Fall weather back.  The Chicago area is usually 72 degrees for our highs this time of year.  We've set new record high temps the past several days (including today) and our low this morning was 72 degrees.  Tomorrow is only supposed to be 90 degrees.  Hey, those 5 degrees make a difference, especially when you are packing up 14 different sewing machines.  At least I brought 2 fans for my booth. 


  1. Glad to see that you had a fan going today. In the high 90s here and we missed a lot of our local festival - it was just too hot and DH has had heat stroke a few times. When he said he had a headache from the heat about 10 this morning, we both knew the day was over. We did go get a carry out for dinner tonight and plan to work tomorrow at the Lion noon meal. Stay cool tomorrow! ~Jeanne

  2. Love your machines. LOL Love your feather boa and the clue. Too hot to do much, even outside, but tomorrow is definitely going to be my day to finish the pool.

  3. How fun to see what you're up to and see your lovely machines being enjoyed by the public!

  4. I love all of your vintage machines and your sewing chair. I bet even Bonnie H is a bit envious of your collection. My favorite is Betty Sue because of her color, of course. Did you have it painted or were you lucky enough to find one reasonably priced to buy? lol I wish I had more time to play with the ones I have, but too many other projects going on. I am caught up on Kevin's Mystery (of course I HAVE to set an example, right?) It wouldn't look right to be his helper and not have my clue done each time we meet.:) If you were a bit closer I would definitely come see your booth.

  5. Sure would have loved to visit that booth. Do people ask to see some specific machine?

  6. Thanks for sharing your wonderful display and collection of machines. Love your new found sewing tables and the chair is awesome. I spotted the early Wilson on the PBS show of Victorian Slum House and thought of you.....and now I see you have one!
    You have established a wonderful heritage display.....only wish the heat wasn't so bad this year. The aprons look great on the display.

  7. Loved seeing all the sewing machine eye candy! The newest sewing table looks very interesting, definitely useful. Hope you get some more fall-like weather soon!

  8. You have a wonderful set up with all your lovely vintage machines. it has to be a fun thing to be part of. Would have loved to been there. So how do you like your chair wheelies? They look like a good thing.

  9. What a wonderful display. I am always amazed when talking with my younger neighbors how much they don't know about sewing (not even sewing on a button). It is great that you take the time (& energy) to share your beautiful machines and hopefully encourage a new stitcher to start sewing.

  10. What a fun booth you present! Interactive!

  11. You have a wonderful collection of machines, they are great. I love your recoverd chair, that is neat. What kind of table is the white one that you have a machine sitting in and where can I find one. Thanks. Hugs,

  12. AWESOME display of all your amazing machines. Betty Sue...that girl does shine! Love the chair! So neat that you share your talents and collections with so many!

  13. Nice set up at the Festival. We went camping with 89 deg. this weekend. One last hoorah for the season I suspect.

  14. Oh, what a wonderful display! You did real good with all those machines and set ups. Would have been great to have been there. Thank you for sharing your time!

  15. That's really amazing. I bet the people were impressed with your machines.

  16. I love it. I am doing my first demo October 7&8, I'm hoping it cools down because I will be outside.

  17. Such a wonderful collection of machines. Clean and shiny. You have an inviting booth which is welcoming to sewers and future sewers. It looks like a lot of work to set it all up.

  18. No telling how many people you have inspired to revive old sewing machines, maybe some that have been in the family forever, or maybe some they find at thrift shops/garage sales. They are awesome machines and have such interesting feet that can do all the things the newer machines can do (except read computer programs). Thanks for spreading the word about these wonderful machines. I know it's a LOT of work on your part, but you are accomplishing more than you'll ever know!

  19. Love your sewing machines You really have quite the variety.

  20. Your machines are lovely. Wish I could be there to see them!


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