Monday, October 9, 2017

A Few More Exchanges

I've been in several different exchanges this year.  These are some of the last exchanges.  I only have one more exchange this year.

Treadle On Pin Cushion Exchange.  ALL of my Treadle On exchanges have to be made on a people powered machine (treadle or hand crank).  This is the pin cushion that I made.
lady bug pin cushion

Yes, I made 2 of these, for different pin cushion exchanges.

Here is the pin cushion I received with this exchange.  The pink one is from the exchange, the tiny finger pin cushion was from the hostess that organized the exchange (thanks Stephanie).  Really cute!
Treadle On pin cushion's

The next exchange was also with Treadle On.  This time it was a bag exchange.  No rules, just make a bag.  I had to cheat in the end, since I couldn't get the binding on the one I made while using a hand crank, and, since I stopped every few stitches, a treadle wasn't an option, either.  I did include a note in the bag, to let the new owner know that I used an electric (1939 Singer Featherweight) for the binding ONLY.  This is the bag I made.  I thought the fabric was perfect for a Treadle On exchange.
Treadle On bag exchange

Here is the bag that I received.  There is lots of detail in this bag, and pockets inside, too.  Look at all those ruffles.
bag I received

Stephanie was the hostess of this exchange, too.  She made all of us a bag herself.  Here is the bag that Stephanie made.
triangle zipper bag

The last exchange was with the Yahoo Harry Potter group.  This exchange was for Wizard trading cards, shaped like Chocolate Frog cards.  They had a template that we were supposed to use, but, no more information.  We could use whatever 'medium' we wanted to use.

I was late on finishing this exchange.  It is in the mail now.  Since she doesn't read my blog (not a quilter) I think it's safe to show these pictures.  Here is what she sent me...
card with the Wizard cards

She made these cards special, so that I can insert a photo of someone inside the lace, at the bottom of the card, and add important information to the back of each card
Wizard Cards I received

Here are the cards I made.  Mine are all fabric. A Firebolt (broomstick) a Golden Snitch and the Hogwarts Crest.  I got the patterns off of Fandom in Stitches.  They were all 5" patterns, but, I reduced them down to 3" and added strips of fabric on each side, so that I could make them the shape of the Chocolate Frog cards. 
Wizard Trading Cards that I made
Since I didn't want to go 'muggle' on her, I used a people powered machine (no ekltricity was used in making these cards).


  1. AWESOME job on those HP Trading Cards!! FUN!!!

  2. You have been so busy, Cheryl! I've taken part in only one swap and enjoyed making my partner a mini quilt, but the sad part was that I never heard from the lady that I made a quilt for. I think that kinda burned me on swaps. I really like your pin cushions!

  3. Wow you have been busy. Love the zipper bag with the vintage machines. Cute paper piecing the HP blocks.

  4. So many beauties here. And I think this lady bug pincushion is in my house.

  5. What fun exchanges you've been taking part in. The lady bug pincushion is my favourite. Did you have a pattern or did you make it up yourself?

  6. Wow....lots of talent, and time involved in these techniques!
    Love the dress form pin cushion you got :O Those cards are so awesome.

  7. Love the trading cards - great idea!

  8. Nice pin cushions and bags. I live your Chocolate Frog Cards!

  9. Wonderful pin cushions and projects...


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