Sunday, October 15, 2017

Busy Weekend

I had a fun, busy weekend.  It started off with quilt camp, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Ottawa, IL.  What a fun time quilt camp is. 

On the way to quilt camp, I stopped at a favorite thrift store.  Oh my!  Guess what I came home with.  For $10, I just couldn't pass this one up.
1950's White electric (Japanese made)

Quilt camp is for the Camp Tuckabatchee quilters.  This group holds a quilt show every 2 years, to help raise funds for Camp Tuckabatchee.  I was asked to join this group last Spring. 

We started the weekend with some paper piecing.  We are starting to make the ribbons for First, Second and Third place in all the quilt categories for the next quilt show (March 2019).  I made the 5 cabins in the top row.  We have plenty of time to get these done.  Sorry for the blurry picture.
cabins and trees for quilt ribbons

The most exciting part of Friday, was late in the evening for me.  My son and daughter in law, in Alaska, had a 'reveal' party.  My daughter in law made a great canvas, with pins sticking out of it, and their friends filled balloons with paint.  My son and daughter in law thru the balloons at the canvas to find out if the baby will be a boy or a girl.
my son, getting the canvas ready for the paint filled balloons

Before they threw the balloons at the canvas, they called, and Skyped me in (and hubby at home, too), so that we could be part of the reveal. 

It's a Girl!

Everything has been PINK lately, so, I wonder if I knew, deep down???  (BTW, I don't like the color pink, so, hopefully I won't have to make many pink things).  

I was busy stitching, both by hand and by machine this weekend, at quilt camp.  I've been working on a 'secret project' and I keep promising that I'll show it off. So far, it has all been hand work.  I'm trying to get it finished, so that I can get it quilted quickly.  This is what I've gotten stitched so far. 

Here is the center block, that I finished this weekend.

After I finished that block, I started embroidering the names on each block, to match the hands.  I finished 3 blocks this afternoon. 
first hand print block finished

stand I'm using for the embroidery

When I get this quilt top finished, I'll start back on the Peter Pan baby quilt.  This one needs to be done before the baby quilt.  

I also stitched 18 circle pairs together, to make more ornaments.  I still have lots to do to finish these ornaments, but, it's a start.
18 sets started (with the 2 finished ornaments)


  1. My, but you have been a busy bee. Lots of neat stuff there. Congrats on the will be granddaughter. :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully productive time!
    So exciting that another baby will be joining your family!
    And hopefully a trip to Alaska in the near future?!?

  3. Fabulous projects you are working on. Congrats to the new family - yes, an Alaskan trip is in your future.

  4. Congratulations - a granddaughter! I'm not a pink person either, but I do sew pink for my granddaughters who both love it. The hand quilt is going to be wonderful - I love the message. Sounds like a great time was had at quilt camp. ~Jeanne

  5. So is the Peter Pan Quilt for your Grand daughter/? Id so are you interested in orchid Tinkerbell fabric, if I can still get it? You will have fun with a grand daughter, Mine started wanting to learn to sew when she was 8! She is now out on her own and recovering kitchen chairs!


  6. There is a magnet in you for those older machines. I think they hide from others until you pop into their store or thrift shop.....then they feel it and out of the deep corners behind things they appear! The hands are so great , I love the sentiment too. Big congrats for the granddaughter!

  7. Ohh, what a lovely turquoise! Can't imagine it for $10. You certainly have been busy with projects. Thank you for sharing.

  8. You were a busy beaver! I am amazed at how many machines just come to you so easily-there is a magnet and it just grabs you, LOL Kinda like me and fabric, hehe.

  9. Sweet machine! But even sweeter is the news you'll be sewing for a baby girl. Congratulations! I just checked the color forecast for next spring and summer and you can easily avoid pink and keep her in high-fashion colors:

  10. Congratulations! When is the happy event?

  11. Well, that was way better than my weekend camp of over 500 boy scouts in the pouring rain... Still raining today. Wet tent anyone?

  12. Congrats on the upcoming Granddaughter. How exciting. Love the idea for the hands quilt!

  13. What a fun way to announce the new grandbaby. When is she due? With all the projects you have going, there can be no time to get into much trouble. Your 1950s find looks like it's in great shape.

  14. Congratulation, oh a sweet baby girl. Love the machine you found. Looks like camp was fun.....I am always wandering around reading blogs weeks after the posts lately.


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