Monday, February 12, 2018

Odds & Ends

I've been stitching, but, I don't have much to show for it.  Most of my stitching has been hanging sleeves, and labels on the items that will go in my large guild's quilt show in early March. 

If you are in the Chicago area, I invite you to come see my quilts and 15 of my vintage machines at the show.

March 10 & 11, 2018
Richland Grade School
1919 Caton Farm Road
Crest Hill, IL 60403

I did finish one of the play mats I started in January.  This one is for my granddaughter, who is due Feb 15th.  Her nursery is Peter Pan themed, so, I used blue nautical fabric, and a pirates map fabric.
finished play mat

jingly toys hang from the hooks

up close of the bottom of the play mat

I didn't do much quilting, since I wanted it more 'fluffy'.  I also added double poly batting to get it fluffy.  The other play mat just needs to be quilted.  Since it doesn't have an 'owner' yet, I'm not in a rush.

I also made some t-shirts for the grandparents to wear.  Mine is the purple shirt.

Is anyone as tired of snow as I am???  The Chicago area tied 2 previous records for snow.  Nine days of snow (yes, EVERY DAY) with a total of 18 inches.  In the western suburbs (where we are) we actually got even more snow than that.  As Native Texan's (yes, misplaced) we still aren't used to it snowing more than 1-2 times a winter.  


  1. That's a cute play mat - it won't be long before she arrives! Love the t-shirts. Did you use vinyl? ~Jeanne

  2. What a cute play area! Think she is going to love it.

  3. The play mat and shirts are so cute! The little girl is blessed to have you for a grandma.

  4. Your shirt quilts will not only be special for the family, but what a great way for you to remember as you are creating them. Marvelous that you have pictures with the shirts - great connection. Love the play mat (what did you use for the arches? - Pool noodles??

    1. sorry - never do comments when DH is talking taxes! Half my comment went to another blogger's blog _ LOL!! We've been lucky - cross your fingers - we are probably at a record low for snow fall. Last weekend it rained enough to create nearly 15-18 inches of snow, but it was too warm.

  5. Most of our winter weather has been in the form of ice. Don’t know which is worse.

  6. You are the creative one with that playmat, what do you use in the tubes to make it stand up? I am just tired of the cold. Thank goodness for a few warmer temps this week.

  7. Nicely done play mat! Cute theme for the nursery too.

  8. Your play mat is so cute. What a clever idea. Love the t-shirts too for the family to wear. I feel for you on the snow issue. I didn't realize the Chicago area had so much. We have hardly had any this year -- just a dusting in our yard. We did have a day or two of ice coating everything though.

  9. That playmat is so cute!!! and those t shirts! How fun!!

  10. Love the playmat....I am a wee bit behind in blog reading. Love the shirts.

  11. Hanging sleeves and labels. Ugh! I have some of those to do too.

  12. I'm trying this again. Google, I want my comments back in my inbox!!!!


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