Monday, May 14, 2018

New Machine and Rulers

Today was a fun day!  I was offered a machine, back at the end of January, around the same time Mrs. Betty died.  Mrs. Betty was born in 1934, and so was this machine.  I had to get the machine.

I finally got the chance to go pick this machine up.  It had been stored in a barn for a long time, but, had been brought to my friends home, as her parents were trying to empty the barn.

Singer 15 #AD6934960
The cabinet isn't in great shape, but, it's still pretty.  It is 84 years old, and has lived in a barn for some time.  The inside of the cabinet has some drawers that pull out on the left side, and a rack to hold spools of thread on the right side.
nice drawers and thread holder

The lid to the cabinet is not attached.  One of the hinges is missing.  I'm hoping that I can find another Singer hinge to replace the missing hinge. 
lid to the cabinet

top hinge is missing, bottom hinge is still there

The hinge does have a parts number, so, maybe I can find one to match. 

I'm hoping that hubby can help me get the cabinet in better shape.

The machine is dirty, and the wiring is shot.
shows the old wiring
I can't turn this machine into a hand crank.  It doesn't have the proper motor mount to do this.  The motor doesn't come off this machine, like most of the other motors do.
this motor doesn't come off
The metal plate (above) by the end of the machine, makes it hard to take the machine out of the cabinet.  There is still a wire connected, thru the hole in the back, that I can't get off.  I'm not fond of this type of motor, since it makes it so hard to get the machine out of the cabinet.  It will take me some work, disconnecting several things inside the cabinet, to get the machine free.  I might have to just cut the wires.  Not fun. 

While I'm showing pictures, here is the face plate.  It will be prettier when I've cleaned the machine up.
decorative face plate
There is some rust, and pitting on the chrome parts, but, the hand wheel turns nicely, and the needle bar moves.  With the wiring problems (I've never rewired a machine myself before) and the cabinet work, it will be a while before this machine is up and running. 

Well, my friends house is around the corner from a Goodwill store.  I'd not been to this Goodwill before, so, of course I had to check it out.  I did find some quilting rulers there (nothing else sewing related). 
rulers from the thrift store
Flying Geese x 4 'No Math' ruler, Log Cabin ruler, Creative Grids Quick Trim and Circle Ruler, Dear Jane Triangle ruler and Hexagon ruler.  I've never used any of these rulers before.  I'm supposed to be teaching different ways to make Flying Geese at guild, so, maybe this ruler will be helpful. 

Nice start to the week!  I hope that your week is going well. 

If I haven't commented on your blogs lately, sorry.  I'm way behind on blog reading again.  I'll try to get caught up over the next few days. 


  1. Glad you got your 'new' machine. I'll be watching to see it cleaned up along with the cabinet. Isn't it amazing what one finds at thrift shops?! I don't have any of those rulers which is amazing - I have quite a collection. ~Jeanne

  2. I really like the style of that cabinet. It is definitely worth fixing. Is the machine a 15-91? I have wondered how one could be fixed if the motor went out since it's up in the machine. I have one but so far the motor works great. I love sewing on it because it's so quiet. I'm sure you will do a good job on it.

  3. Nice treat....I am sure you will get that machine up and running and find the parts required. Love the thrift find.....those rulers are great!

  4. You always seem to be in the right place at the right time to get the goodies;) Machines are so lucky when they come to live with you!

  5. Cheryl, be sure to include Deb Tucker's Wing Clipper ruler in your flying geese presentation. Best way I've ever done them. Better than Quilt in a Day flying geese rulers.

  6. What lucky finds! I'm sure these rulers will come handy one day. And congrats to your new machine. The cabinet is very handsome and with some TLC it'll be even better. Good luck finding the parts you are after.

  7. Great Goodwill find! I hope you can find the parts you need.

  8. I’ll be interested in watching your progress on this machine. Love the cabinet!

  9. What an awesome machine! Those rulers were a score!

  10. I know next to nothing about old sewing machines, so I'm going to ask you. My friend wants to get rid of a Singer Featherweight she got from her MIL. She said it was made in 1929. She has taken it to a sewing machine repair place, and they replaced one washer (at least that is what she called it). It is now sewing fine. She has a bunch of feet and what she thinks is a button hole attachment. What would be a fair price? I am thinking about buying it. Thanks for your help!

  11. Nice find of the old machine and cabinet. I have no doubt it will look and run like new after your TLC has been done. I've never seen any modern rulers in our Thrift stores here. Don't think I have any of those either. Talking about being behind on remarking on blogs, no one is farther behind than me. I'm on a borrowed computer to do some catching up tonight. Really need to get my computer fixed. :)

  12. I'm trying this again. Google, I want my comments back in my inbox!!!!


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