Saturday, May 5, 2018

Painting and Stitching

Last post I showed the hole in our wall in our kitchen.  This was where our old tube TV sat on the shelf in the hall closet. 
hole where the old tube TV was

A friend of ours came and patched the drywall for us.  It took several days (2 coats of drywall patching material) since he could only come when he had time.  Hey, I can wait for a free drywall patch. 

The drywall was finally done, and dry on Tuesday.  Wednesday I started prepping to paint.  Lots of tape over all the places I didn't want painted.  We were painting more than just the one wall.  We had to paint the closet, which extends into the ceiling, and the hall wall.  With an open floor plan, there just isn't a good place to stop painting. 

On Thursday, I painted all those areas.  Have I mentioned that I really don't like painting?  Especially the prep work.  Up and down the ladder, and up and down off the floor for taping, painting, touch up on the corners, etc, and I'm still sore.  At least it is done now.
wall in kitchen, where the TV used to be

corner of kitchen wall, down the hallway to the end of the stairs

The opening down the hallway leads to the closet, powder room and basement stairs. 
hall closet, where TV used to sit on the shelf

I had to wait on hubby to re-install the shelf in the closet before I could put anything back in there.  Now I'm just waiting on hubby to put the door back on (hubby is off teaching Wilderness First Aid this weekend, so, the door will have to wait until he gets back home).  Now to get the new TV mounted on the wall, and have hubby build me a bookcase for my recipe books.  The old shelf is way too small to hold all the recipe books. 

With all the painting, I haven't had much time to stitch.  I did go to Sewing, Etc. in Yorkville on Tuesday to sew.  Marilyn and I had fun stitching with Kelly, the owner. 

Hubby asked me to make him a tool roll for his chisels.  I started it yesterday, and finished it today.  I haven't had much stitching time on my hand crank lately, so, all of this was done on it, quilting, piecing and binding.  I love stitching on my hand cranks.  Very restful.

4 pockets for 4 chisels, flap folds over to protect and hold them in

chisel roll up

I hope he likes it.  I used an upholstery fabric scrap with animals on it.  I picked the fabric up on the freebie table at guild.  The binding was left over from 2 different projects. 

Now to go stitch some more.  Hope you are having a great weekend, too!


  1. The whole project looks wonderful even though it was a lot of work. Nice space! The tool roll up looks durable and practical- great you could do it on a handcrank!

  2. It looks fantastic! I'm so glad you have the painting done. Open floor plans are really a pain when it comes to painting - something we need to do - ugh. I hope you get your book shelf up soon. That's a great chisel case - Bet Hubby loves it. ~Jeanne

  3. Looks fabulous....know you are so glad it is done! That is always a good feeling. Love the tool roll, and upholstery weight fabric is good for that project. Made two of them for my husband and a friend.

  4. So glad you were able to persevere and get that painting all done;)

  5. Painting is lots of work... makes for sore muscles, too.
    Love the chisel bundle. Good manly colors.

  6. Nice tool roll! I always love being able to make things like that for the guys. I also love to paint but that taping and trimming (and up and down the ladder) isn't as fun as it used to be....!

  7. Nice tool roll! I always love being able to make things like that for the guys. I also love to paint but that taping and trimming (and up and down the ladder) isn't as fun as it used to be....!

  8. Anytime you can get someone else to do drywall, that is a gift!! Looks amazing!

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