Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Progress on the Crazy Quilt Blocks

I've been working on the Crazy Quilt blocks.  I finished the first 8 blocks, with the lace added.
stitching down the lace

finished block, with lace

The next blocks were just neutrals, no lace.  I'll be appliqueing things onto these blocks.   Here are the blocks, so far.
setting, so far

I didn't like the top, neutral block, so, I added a different neutral, with texture to the bottom part of that block (no picture).  Here is an idea of what I'll be adding to the neutral blocks.
Victorian ladies

The center Victorian lady will have to be hand embroidered onto the quilt top after the blocks are stitched together, since she overlaps the blocks next to her.  The top Victorian lady has another Victorian lady on the other end of that piece.  These are all vintage pieces that I've found over the years. 

I started on the setting triangle blocks last night.  I'm making 4 over-sized crazy blocks, then I'll cut them in half, to make the setting triangles. 

All the fabrics are 'slippery' and don't want to 'stay in place', especially on the corners.  I think I need to baste the edges before I trim them down to size.  It will be much easier to sew them together that way. 

This is for 2 different 'challenges' that I'm participating in. The first one is due June 4th.  We'll see if it is finished by then, or just a quilt top.  I also have 5 different blocks to make, also due that night, for the quilts that we are making for the boys/girls homes.  My kits for blocks are also due that night, and I haven't even started cutting any of the fabric.  Busy, busy!  "Too much time, and not enough to do!  Stop, reverse that....."  (from Willy Wonka). 

How is YOUR week going????


  1. It's looking great! Being busy is great if you love what you are doing! ~Jeanne

  2. Wow those look great. I have done little sewing, lots of weed pulling.

  3. I like the way the lace looks on those blocks. I hope the lady will show up in that spot.

  4. Fabulous way to use those vintage linens! The blocks are looking so wonderful. Yes, use large basting stitching to hold those corners in place. Those slinky fabrics love to crawl around.

  5. I'm trying this again. Google, I want my comments back in my inbox!!!!


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