Friday, May 18, 2018

Sewing and a bit of cleaning

I've been sewing this week, but, it's been slow.  Here is one of my finished blocks (haven't taken pictures of the others, yet).
Crazy Quilt block
Instead of doing all of the embroidery work on a regular crazy quilt block, I'm adding decorative laces instead.  It is MUCH quicker.  It still takes a long time to make each block.  I made this one first, to see if I liked this method or not.  I did, so, the next 7 blocks are almost finished. 

These blocks are foundation pieced, kinda like paper piecing, so, I have to trim, iron, then I can add the next piece.  I have to add the lace before I can add more fabric.  I'm stitching the lace down by machine.
Stitching the lace down
stitching down both sides of the lace
These blocks are for 2 projects in one, a Crazy quilt challenge, and also a 'Book' challenge with my little quilt guild.  Hey, if I can kill two birds with one stone....

I couldn't work on the new sewing machine this week, since I needed a third hand to get the wiring removed, so that I could get the machine removed from the cabinet. Hubby has had meetings every night this week, so, I finally snagged him this evening.  The machine is out of the cabinet.
Singer 15-91
I've learned a lot since I last posted about this machine.  It's sub model is 15-91.  It has to do with how the motor is mounted.  I also found out that it CAN be turned into a hand crank.  Woohoo!  If I remove this piece (where the screwdriver is), then it exposes the motor mount.
place where the wiring was held in place, motor mount is under this piece
I'd  have to change out the solid hand wheel for a spoked hand wheel, but, that is easy to do.  I've done that several times on other machines.  There is a drawback, though.  If I take the motor off the machine, then I also lose the bobbin winder, since it is connected to the motor.
see how the bobbin winder is connected to the motor?
That really isn't a problem for me, since I usually use a sidewinder bobbin winder to wind all my bobbins. 

I'm still thinking of getting this machine rewired, so that it can be electric.  When I clean the machine (and remove the motor), I'll see how hard it would be to switch back and forth, from electric to hand crank.  I might be able to have the best of both worlds.  We'll see.

The machine and cabinet were stored in a barn for quite some time.  Lots of dust, etc.  It didn't help the woodwork any.  The veneer is coming off on the back and one of the sides.
veneer coming off the back of the cabinet
Hubby is going to try to glue this back on.  It will take some time and patience.  We need to find a long syringe, to pump the glue thru. 

The dirt is in every crevice of this cabinet.  This bracket is where the wiring went down into the cabinet.  See how much dirt has collected?
I did a good wipe down of the entire cabinet with Murphey's Wood Soap.  It really helped, but, it still needs lots of cleaning.
before cleaning

after first cleaning

The bobbin and thread holder on the other door is rusty and pitted. 
before cleaning

I soaked it in Evaporust, then dried it and used the rust eraser on half of it.  Can you see which side I worked on?
half rusty, half cleaned

I used the rust eraser on the dirty side, and then put it back in the Evaporust.  With all the pitting on the metal, I'm hoping this helps.  I'll use the rust eraser again, and get this shinier.  It won't ever look really nice, since it is so pitted, but, it will look so much better than it was. 

A member of Treadle On has the hinges I need for the cabinet lid.
missing a hinge
I found out that the front and back hinges are different.  The back hinge has a spring, that controls the support arm on the cabinet.  Without that spring and hinge, the support arm won't stay inside the cabinet.  I want the support to stay in the cabinet when the lid is closed.  Kay had all the parts, and she's already mailed them.  This project is getting started!  It will take time, with all the woodwork that needs to be done, plus cleaning the machine before I can get it rewired.  I even know who can rewire it for me.  I had him work on another machine for me, a few years ago (I don't mess with zig zag gears). 

Have a fun weekend!  I am so far.


  1. I have never seen lace used instead of stitches on a crazy quilt - but I really like it.
    The machine is quite a project, isn't it?

  2. The crazy quilt block is really labor intensive - it really is a neat block when you get it made though! Glad you found a hinge for the cabinet. It does sound like you are making progress with the machine and cabinet albeit slow. Enjoy the weekend. ~Jeanne

  3. Love, love, love the crazy quilt blocks! Crazy quilting was my first love and I taught classes all over the south.....years ago:) I still have a large bin of laces and trims. Maybe one day....
    Enjoy reading about the machine restoration. I can see how much work it involves. what a difference in the first cleaning. So glad you located hinge parts and can get that part fixed. Thanks for the lesson in what you do!

  4. Enjoying seeing your progress.

  5. WOW, I think you are making great strides in getting this machine cleaned and running. I love to hear your process to do this. I think you have the patience of Job in the bible, IMHO! what a difference 1 cleaning as done. Really think your laces for stitches on crazy blocks is a great idea. At first glance I thought they were machine stitched decorative stitches over the seams.

  6. The cabinet will be beautiful when you get done with it.

  7. I think my great grandmother's crazy quilts included lace. I like it!

  8. I have one of those that I found in a barn sale. I hated the cabinet though, Jeff mounted it on a frame to FMQ and it is fabulous for that.

  9. I'm trying this again. Google, I want my comments back in my inbox!!!!


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