Sunday, May 6, 2018

Spring Basic Block Exchange

Treadle On, my treadle and hand crank online group, has several different block exchanges each year.  I participate in quite a few of them.  One of these days I'll make some quilt tops with all the blocks I've collected over the years.

I volunteered to be the hostess for 2 different exchanges this year.  Being hostess isn't hard.  Everyone sends their blocks to me, along with a postage paid return envelope.  I collect all the blocks, sort them, put them in the correct envelopes, then mail them back.  Fun!  Oh yea, some people even send hostess gifts with their blocks.  Yipee! 

This exchange is the Spring Basic.  We take turns rotating 3 different blocks for the Spring and Fall Basic exchanges (4 patch, Rail Fence, and Half Square Triangle).  With basic, simple blocks, it makes it where anyone can participate if they want, even if they don't have much sewing experience.  The only rules are that the fabrics have to be pre-washed, and the machines used must be either a treadle or a hand crank (people powered machines, not electric).  It's a great chance to use some of the lovely vintage machines that we have collected. 

This exchange was 4 patch blocks.  People could make as many as 4 sets of 8 blocks.  Each set uses different fabrics, and some people use different machines for each set. 

Here are the blocks that were sent in.  We had 7 different people participate in this exchange. 
Charlotte's 4 sets of blocks

Brenda's 4 sets of blocks

Anne's 4 sets of blocks

April's 4 sets of blocks

Jay's 4 sets of blocks

my 4 sets of blocks

Katrene's set of blocks

I stayed late after church, and used the church's tables to do the sorting.  Much easier than trying to sort in my kitchen or dining room.  This is what it looked like when I'd sorted the blocks.
all the blocks sorted into stacks

I'll mail all the packages back to everyone on Monday.  It's always fun to get a squishy full of blocks in your mailbox. 

I mentioned that some people put in something special for the hostess.  Here is what I got.
extra fabrics, extra blocks and a Micron pen

All of these fabrics will be put to good use.  The extra blocks will be added to mine, and put into a quilt soon.  The pen will be used to sign future exchange blocks.

I've already received several sets of blocks for the next exchange.  It is the Chocolate 9 Patch that I've blogged about before.  Not long, since those blocks are supposed to be in the mail by Sat, May 12th. 


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