Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Binding by machine

I have several finishes to show off.  I've spent the past few days binding by machine, so that these could be finished.

Back in June, I started a set of placemats. 
placemat centers

These are now finished placemats.  I bound them with the faux piping binding method.   Thanks Deonn for the great tutorial.
bicycle placemats
There are 8 of these placemats, not just the 4 shown.  I used my walking foot to stitch the binding on (modern Janome machine).  It was just easier and faster with the modern machine.

Last August, I started making another 14 project bags.  I got them done EXCEPT for the handles and binding.  7 of those project bags have been waiting their turn to get their handles and binding stitched.  I finished these up today. 
7 project bags finished
Normally, I would stitch the binding down with my Featherweight, but, I needed to get these finished quickly, so, my Janome with the walking foot came to my rescue.  I can stitch much faster with the walking foot (my Featherweight doesn't like my vintage walking foot).  These project bags were made on 4 different machines (quilted on a treadle, pieced on a hand crank, handles and one side of binding stitched on the Featherweight, finished on the Janome).  Sometimes it takes a village of machines to get the job done ;)

I have two more projects to do, then I have to close down my sewing room.  My granddaughter, and her entourage are coming back on Sunday night.   Instead of 3 in her entourage, this time there will be 6 in her entourage, and they will be staying for a week.  (Yes, that is 10 people in my house for a week)!  Oh yea, I'll be heading to Michigan on Friday evening for the Michigan TOGA on Saturday.  Yep, busy here.  Lots of cleaning to be done before Friday, too.  I still need to finish gathering all my stuff for the TOGA. 


  1. Cute placemats and project bags. I've never mastered binding by machine but I need to work on it. You sound too busy!!! Hope everything falls into place this week. ~Jeanne

  2. Wow, you've got a lot on your plate! I'm impressed at all you got done. Do the six people get to use the six placemats?

  3. Your bookings are full and your projects are many! I agree with the machine bindings, and especially love the faux piping one. Enjoy!

  4. So glad you are able to sneak in some therapy time before they all arrive, I hope you can store some of it up!! I feel for you for sure! Extra people in the house can become so stressful.

  5. Love your project bags. Enjoy your company. We just had that many leave and I'm so tired ;-)

  6. When it rains, it pours. Have a good time at TOGA.

  7. Cute bags, and placemats. See you at TOGA.

  8. I bind by machine a lot now too.


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