Sunday, August 12, 2018

Saturday's Stitching

My large quilt guild, Pride of the Prairie, had a sew-in on Saturday.  It's fun to go to the sew-in's.  There are still lots of people on vacation, so, the turn out was smaller than usual, but, the raffle quilt committee was there, working on kits for the next raffle quilt. 

raffle quilt committee, cutting fabrics for kits

some of the cut fabrics, waiting to go into kits

Those little fabric pieces (and many more that were cut later) will be turned into paper pieced pineapple blocks.  There will also be flying geese.  This is going to be a fun, bright quilt.

I forgot to get pictures of Linda and her project, but, I did get pictures of my project for the day. 

Remember Kevin's Mystery quilt, Sapphire Stars?  Well, I'm way behind on that quilt.  Actually, I'm making 3 of these quilts, 2 scrappy, and one 'controlled' (only 7 different fabrics). 

I stitched all of the Surprise Clue for both of the scrappy versions.  I don't have the fabrics cut for the controlled version, for this clue.

2 sets of scrappy 'Surprise Clue' units

With those done, I started on Clue #5, with the scrappy versions (once again, the controlled version isn't cut out yet).

stitching on Clue #5

This is where I got by the end of the sew-in. 

Clue #5, partly done

I did a bit more stitching last night. 
Clue #5, a bit further along

Yes, I know, I ironed my pieces the wrong way.  I noticed this after I'd already ironed the units.  With 192 units ironed the wrong way, I wasn't going to go back and fix them.  They will work. 

2 of these 3 quilts will be for Quilts of Valor, but one of the scrappy versions will be for a (late) wedding present, and I need to get it finished before October. 

I hope you have a great Sunday.  There won't be any 'Slow Stitching Sunday' for me, since I'll be trimming these units, for the next step in Clue #5.  Gotta get these done! 


  1. Hi Cheryl! Thanks for helping me fix my blogging woes! The fix worked! Now, to catch up on replying to everyone! I can't wait to see your version(s) of "Sapphire Stars!" It was so much fun designing and making that quilt! Your purple featherweight is too cool!

  2. Sounds like fun...wish there was a guild here that met during the day. I've only met one other quilter and she has done my longarm quilting since I moved from CO to FL. She is awesome and I'm glad to have found her, but it would be fun to be a part of a guild. Until I fully recover from my back surgery, I won't be doing any social stuff though. My husband and both of our sons are vets (one still active duty) so I love Quilts of Valor!

  3. I'm with you - when 192 units are ironed the wrong way, that becomes the right way! Love seeing your progress and the purple machine. ~Jeanne

  4. Nice progress!! My fabric for Kevin's "Mystery" are (STILL) laid out on my sewing table. I keep threatening to work on the project, but others keep jumping to the head of the line!

  5. You have a lot of projects happening to keep you very busy! I hate when I press something wrong and usually I don't have that many like you as my projects are mostly small.

  6. Lots done again! (With 192 units, I'm not sure I'd go back and redo them either!)


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