Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Week last week

What a week!  Dealing with insurance people, car rental people, car repair people and regular life.  John's car is totaled, but, we didn't find out until Thursday.  I found out while I was at the weekly sew-in.  YEA! for sew-in and the ladies that come.  Connor and I cleaned out John's car and ran errands before heading back home so I could go to quilt guild.  When they started the program, guess what?!?  They talked about Bonnie Hunter's web site, and even showed part of a quilt in progress from her site.  Yes, it is 'Roll Roll Cotton Boll' that I'm working on.  I even picked up more shirts at Salvation Army Wednesday afternoon to use for the quilt.  I spent Wednesday night and Friday taking them apart.  Saturday, John had his slot car buddy's over for a day of racing.  My job is to provide the food.  I spent all morning in the kitchen.  Brownies for Connor's church get together and for dessert for the guys.  I made mom's chicken spaghetti for lunch.  It went over well, again.  This  race has been scheduled for many months.  That's why we didn't car shop on Saturday.  After lunch, I finally got to work on the 'Fat Cat's' quilt.  All of the applique is finished, and half of the blocks are put together.  I still need to work on the faces of the cats (whiskers, etc).  We ended the day by going out with friends.  It was a fun night at the Irish pub. 

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