Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thrift Store therapy

I am going to make Bonnie Hunter's quilt 'Roll, Roll Cotton Boll' that is on her blog.  I visited several thrift stores looking for men's shirt's to use in the strip piecing area's of the quilt.  I just love thrift stores!  I found several 100% cotton shirts that I can use.  I've been watching movies while I've been 'deconstructing' the shirts.  Movies and fabric, it doesn't get much better than that.  My son thinks I'm crazy to buy shirts then tear them apart for quilts.  If that is crazy, then it's a good kind of crazy.  By the way, I found a quilt at one of the thrift stores yesterday.  It is a doll size quilt, made in blues and whites.  It is a sampler quilt.  It was only $1.  It is hand quilted.  I found 2 large lap quilts last month at the same thrift store.  They are also both blue and white quilts and hand quilted.  They look like the same person made them all.  I purchased those quilts for $10 each.  WOW!  I just can't understand families giving away something that another family member took such time and effort making.  I hope I've trained my guys better than that.  They know what goes into each of my quilts.  Now, back to the movies and tearing up shirts.....

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