Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finally getting something done

Well, after running around trying to get two different cars fixed or replaced, I'm finally getting some 'quilting' done.  Thursday, at sew-in, I finished hand quilting a wall quilt for a relative.  Now to get the binding on it.  I also cut out paper foundations for string quilting for both the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll quilt and for Quilts of Valor.  This weekend I washed, dried and ironed all of the fabric I've collected so far for the RRCB quilt.  I've even ironed almost all of the material from the shirts I've dissected for the string pieces for that quilt.  My guys have been great about letting me take over the family room with a sewing table, and my cutting/ironing table, too.  There isn't much room for them when all of that is set up.  I still have to start cutting strings.  I plan on getting a few more chocolate fabrics on the shop hop in February.  I even got some hand quilting done on my DMIL's quilt today. 

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