Friday, March 11, 2011

Pineapple Block the Easy Way (Tutorial)

Dear Blogland.  I received an e-mail this morning that this block is copyrighted.  I honestly didn't know.  A friend showed me how to make this block.  She had a friend tell her how to make the block over the telephone.  None of us knew that there was a printed, copyrighted pattern for this block.  In my defense, I did Google search for this block before I sat down and created my tutorial.  Nothing came up.  This is wonderful block.  The correct name for this pattern is

Sew Simple Pineapple by Karin Hellaby and can be found on the Quilter's Haven web site.  I am sorry for any infringement on someone else's pattern.  I try hard to give credit when I can.  I am a firm believer in someone's copyrights.  I believe in paying for what someone else has created.  They did all the hard work, they deserve something for their efforts.  Again, I am so sorry about this.  It was an honest mistake.  Please check out the Quilter's Haven web site for this pattern and even more patterns.

 If you are in the USA, you can order these patterns at Landauer Corporation.   If you look on the Quilter's Haven website, under distributors, you can find places to purchase Karin's publications.  There is even a distributor in the Middle East.  These links DO work.  I've just ordered Karin's Sew Simple Pineapple block, and I also ordered Karin's Fast Flying Geese Quilts book from the Landauer Corporation web site.  

Enjoy Karin's quilting methods.  I surely plan to enjoy them.   


finished block


  1. What a great idea! I hate making those square in square blocks!

  2. Amazing ,Ingenious, too clever , Thanx for the idea.

  3. Really really clever, I always shied away from this block but will try it now, thanks julie.

  4. alrighty!!! definitely going to try this. i really have trouble with this block the few times i have tried the regular way.


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