Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another busy week

80 templates, ready to sew
 This has been another busy week, longer than a week, actually.  Sunday night, I had 22 people over for a church meeting and dinner.  Chicken spaghetti.  I had to clean house.  Yuk!  I hate cleaning house.  Wednesday was my turn to make the church supper for 28 people.  Taco soup.  Saturday night, we hosted an engagement party for 20-25 people.  Lots of finger foods.  Did I mention that I hate cleaning house!?!  I even moved the hand quilt frame (with quilt attached, of course) into another room so we'd have an open space this time.  I don't have a 'sewing area' so, I usually have stuff spread all over the dining room.  That means I have to pack all of it up and move it to the basement.  This usually means that I lose things in the process.  Hopefully I won't this time.  I've got too many projects I'm working on with a due date.
80 templates, in the process of being sewn

partially finished block

leaf squares from Marilyn
 Tuesday was Quilts of Valor sew-in day.  I managed to get 160 paper templates cut between cooking last week.  I also cut the 'kite' shaped fabric centers and glued them to the templates.  When I got to the sew-in yesterday, all I had to do was start sewing strips to the templates.  I started on the first set of 80 templates.  This is a pattern from Bonnie Hunter's blog.  The pattern is String Spiderweb!!  I am using the basic blocks, but, instead of putting the blocks together like she does, I'm going to use sashing between the blocks so that the 'star' shows up, not the spiderweb.  You can get an idea of what I'm going for if you look at the third picture.  I fussy cut each 'kite' center since the material is striped.  Most of my blocks are more finished (don't think that is correct English, but...) than the ones in the picture.  The sew-in's are fun.  We sew (and eat) and iron (and eat) and chat (and eat) and sew some more (did I mention eating?).  Everyone brings food to share.  We decided to make soups this week.  There were 4 soups.  Have you ever had 'Pizza' soup?  It was good!  There were desserts and snacks, too.  Yummy!  Next month we are going for salads and stuff to go with that. 

Marilyn gave me three leaf blocks she had left over from a quilt and pillows.  Her friends made the blocks for her as a goodbye gift when she moved.  I'm going to make binder covers with the blocks.  I've printed off the manuals for my treadle sewing machines (and other old sewing machines) and I've put all of the info into binders.  The binders aren't pretty, but, they are very functional.  Now they will be pretty, too!  Thanks Marilyn!  Aren't friends sweet!
lovely roses

The roses are just a bonus!  I bought them for myself.  I thought they would look nice in my kitchen at the engagement party.  The edges are crinkly.  I thought they were unusual and pretty.  I love roses!  My mother is from Tyler, Texas, and it is the Rose capitol.  They still have the Rose Parade and festival every year.  I haven't been since I was a child, but, I have great memories of it.  One of these days I'll go back. 

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  1. I just love the quilt of valour idea - just a wonderful way to honour those who serve.


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