Friday, February 18, 2011

Quilt Scene Investigator!

Quilt Scene Investigator bag, isn't it cute!
 Last night at my 2nd quilt guild meeting, Quilt Scene Investigator, Carrie Sumski showed us lots of her antique quilts and other treasures that she has collected.  These are but a few of her treasures.  Isn't the bag cute, with the 'body' embroidered on it!  Carrie did a great presentation.  She wasn't supposed to come until April, but, she got moved up.  We saw the neatest vintage linens, and other items, too.  Her hubby was a great help, both with the presentation, and helping her collect several of the quilts. (Good Hubby!)  Her nickname is 'Queen of Green' for her 'recycling' efforts.  A well deserved name.  She made the thread holder using an old, painted shoe form, a piece of metal tubing (for the thread to sit on) and a 'found' quilting item she'd found at a garage sale, a Dritz Loop Turner.  She still has the price tag from the wooden foot on the bottom ($1.50 at Goodwill).  My friends call me the garage sale queen, but I'm not even in her league.  It was a great show!  If you know of a quilt guild in Illinois that needs a program, contact me.
antique quilt from 1871

Garage Sale find for $8 (antique)

$7 wonky cornered 9 patch quilt (missing top corner)

candle mat made from old wool coats, cost was approx. $1.50

1976 quilt found on Ebay.  Tells a family's history with the blocks

1930's Ocean Waves quilt. Hand quilted

Thread holder made from 'found' items

Lovely antique applique quilt


  1. Whew! I sometimes get a little loopy, trying to remember where I've been and who I have yet to return their lovely visits!, in the event that I have not thanked you already for your sweet visit! Here I am :o)

    What amazing quilts that she found and shared. I really need to do more yard sales :o)

    Thank you for stopping by my Savannah post :o)
    Blessings & Aloha!

  2. I have a bag just like your quilt scene investigator. One of my best friends and fellow guild members, made one for me in my favorite shades of purples. I carry many projects around in that size bag.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the thread holder!


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