Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Home Sewing machine find

 I found this New Home sewing machine at a thrift store yesterday.  I'm still trying to decide if I should go back and get it.  I'd love a hand crank, and, I'm trying to figure out if this machine could be turned into a hand crank.  The serial number is 3070826.  I called Janome (they sell New Home machines) and the lady said that IF the machine was made in Orange, Mass, it would date to 1910.  Orange made machines from 1890-1930's.  She said the machines made in Rockford, IL (1932-1953) didn't have serial numbers like this one's.  The machine has been electrified at some point.  I think it was also moved to a different case, as this case doesn't look like one from 1910.  I wonder if it was a treadle machine
originally?  The shuttle is in the machine, and the
machine turns easily.  The decals are beautiful, where
they can be seen.  I don't know what damage is under
the 'pin strap'.  Hopefully it isn't too bad. 


  1. Oh my goodness! How amazing a find is that! I love antiques and to find that one for only $22?

    Thanks for stopping and commenting under my post on "Sew it's finished!"... I am looking at possible purchasing a Janome Memory Craft is an older model. ...I do like vintage sewing machines, but really would like one that I can maybe do monograms too. Dawn and Wendy are the ones that started that blog and so they would be the one to get more information on how to join.

    I have only been handquilting, since I am without a sewing machine for now. You have done more than me :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Please drop by my blog and if you do, please leave a comment so that I know you were there.
    So fun meeting you!

  2. Get that machine. Just for the tag "sowing machine", never mind that it is gorgeous. I am not sure about the hand crank part, someone from Treadle On might be able to help. I hope you can as it is handy to have one. One thing: I have a Eldredge Rotary that has a similar presser foot set up. If it is the same as this New Home, you will easily find attachments that work well for this machine. Always a plus.

  3. HI Cheryl,
    Yes. This machine can be converted to a handcrank. The open spoked wheels allow it. I have a NewHome handcrank w/ "paw" feet. I paid a bit more for it but am very happy to have it.
    My 2cents worth is: go back and buy it!
    Take Care, Cathy vJ in MA. (linked thru treadleon)

  4. Buy it! After all, the fields will be ready for sowing soon! so you can multi-task, lol

  5. What a find! I think I would have snagged that baby right up! I love the curve of the arm.

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