Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Singer Spartan
 It has been a very busy week.  Power out and Santa block exchange at guild on Monday, Meals on Wheels, work and thrift shopping on Tuesday, More work on Wednesday.  Weekly Sew-in on Thursday. Drove to Wisconsin and back on Friday.  Worked Quilts of Valor booth at quilt show all day Saturday.  Whew!

I found some cute fabric at the thrift stores on Tuesday, including a panel of Elvis!  I hadn't been to a thrift store in 2 weeks.  Boy did I have fun just looking.
treadle clock
My youngest
Cowboy Santa fabric

Cowboy Santa fabric
On Friday, I headed to Wisconsin to pick up my son from Boy Scout camp.  He works as a camp counselor during the summer.  On the way, I stopped in Madison and met up with Caryl.  Caryl fixes appliances and loves treadle and hand crank sewing machines.  She had this lovely Singer Spartan 3/4 machine waiting on me.  She had this great clock for sale in her shop.  Of course I had to buy it.  It's now sitting on one of my treadles.  She also gave me a Singer 201 to take to the Loosen & Lube TOGA (Treadle On Gathering and Academy) the end of the month in Cameron, WI.  Isn't she sweet!  Thanks Caryl!

I picked up my son, then we headed down the back roads back toward Madison.  Caryl had told me about a great fabric shop that was having a sale, starting that day.  It is an Amish fabric store, and boy, do they have wonderful prices.  Quality quilting cottons (name brands) from $2.99 to $4.89.  They also have notions, and other fabrics and items for sale.  I picked up a lovely vintage embroidered panel with nursery rhymes hand embroidered on it for only $10.  I want to add 30's fabrics to it and make it a baby quilt.  My son also found fabrics, and picked several out to start himself a quilt.  He made a quilt when he was 12, using his great grandmothers fabrics after she passed away.  He  hand tied the quilt.  Now he is almost 18 and wants to start his 2nd quilt.  Yipee!

The ladies at the Amish fabric store asked me to pass along the information about their store, so, if you are near Madison, this is well worth the drive.  This store is 3 hours from my house, and, I'll be back for sure.
Lakeside Fabrics & Notions
W5423 Military Road
Pardeeville, WI 53954
8am-5pm, closed Thursdays & Sundays.

Oh yea, take along your hubbys.  In the next room is Woodside Harness & Leather Shop.  I wish I'd had time to check it out, too.  What I saw was great. 
Saturday I worked the booth at a quilt show for Quilts of Valor.  YES, I took lots of pictures of quilts!  I'll show them in later posts.

Also, We had our Santa block exchange on Monday.  I haven't taken pictures yet, but I will.  Cute blocks.  I ordered this cute Cowboy Santa fabric to use somewhere in my quilt.  Being a misplaced Texan, I just had to have this fabric!


  1. Did you buy the Spartan? I have one of those, and my friend Amy just bought on Friday night. They are GREAT machines. Pardeeville? I have been there LOTS and LOTS of times, but don't think the fabric store was there. It has been probably 5 years since I have been there. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. I wouldn't pass up the clock either - too cute. AN Eagle Scout - super. Just love the Cowboy Santa fabric.

  3. I just got home from a long weekend away and haven't had a chance to really check out my new Spartan. She is pretty, though!

  4. That treadle clock is adorable! Enjoy your Spartan.

  5. Where did you find the Santa cowboy fabric you have shown? My husband is a Santa and we now live in Texas and this would be a terrific fabric for a shirt!!
    Please email me.


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