Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ottawa Quilt Show & goodies!

Hubby and I took a drive in the country on Sunday afternoon to another quilt show.  This was the 'Illinois Valley Quilter's Guild' show.  I've been wanting to attend this show for many years, but, it's over Spring Break, and I'm usually traveling to Texas and miss the show.  I stayed home this year, and finally got to attend the show.  Yipee!  I love quilt shows.
Handkerchief butterfly quilt

close up of the handkerchief butterflies

I love string quilts

another string quilt

another handkerchief quilt

more handkerchiefs

great tool quilt

more strings
'Sunbonnet Sue, What Happened to You? quilt.  Lots of ways you've never seen Sunbonnet Sue before

quilted dress, looks better up close

Carpenters Star

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary quilt

ugly fabric challenge quilt

another ugly fabric challenge quilt

La Salle County quilt

The quilt show had vendors booths and also a 'garage sale' booth.  Woohoo!  Did you know that they mark things down the last day, then keep marking them down during the last hours of the show?  They do!  Woohoo!  Here are just a few of the things I came home with...

Greist Buttonholer (including the book) for 50 cents
New Home attachments for 50 cents
 I have a vintage New Home A that I've turned into a hand crank.  I'll have to see how many of these attachments will fit. 

Necchi needle threader, slant shank Big Foot & Paducah pin
I think that this needle threader is for sewing machines.  I'll have to try it out.  The 'Big Foot' is for a slant shank machine.  I don't own a slant shank machine (yet), so, I'll keep it with the other slant shank attachments I've collected. 

bobbins, pin cushions, quilters tape and pattern with triangle paper
I love pin cushions.  What fun!  The 'new' bobbins are for Singer 15's and Singer 66's.  I have machines that use these bobbins.  The old bobbins are mostly 66 bobbins.  You can never have too many bobbins.  I almost bought a new package of the quilters 1/4" tape at the sewing expo on Saturday.  Glad I waited. 

Multi miter tool
This package had not one, but two multi miter tools in it.  I love mitered borders on my quilts.  I'm hoping that these will make it just a bit easier.

Triangle paper & pattern
This pattern came complete with the unused triangle paper.  I think fat quarters will work well for this.  If I add borders, this will make a great Quilts of Valor quilt.

table runner and pin cushions

quilted bag
I also found some treasures in the quilters boutique.  These were also half off.  They were already priced really low.  I found several things (not pictured) that I will use as gifts for Christmas.  The bag is for ME!

jewelry holder

Melinda, over at Tilda's Twisted Life made one of these jewelry rolls as a gift.  They look like they would be great for holding sewing things and a small project.  I found this one at the boutique for $1.  Now to load it full of sewing stuff and a project.

Velcro trays
They also had these cute trays that the corners velcro together to make trays.  These will be great to have beside the sewing machines to hold scissors, etc.  They were only 50 cents each.  I can't make them for that cheap.

Most of the sewing notions and rulers came in large ziplock bags of items. I only showed a few of the items from the 3 bags I purchased.  I'll pass the other items on to ladies in my guilds that can use them. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sewing & Quilting Expo

I worked the Quilts of Valor booth at the Chicago Sewing & Quilting Expo on Friday and Saturday.  What lovely quilts, and what fun!  I'm tired after standing for 2 days.  We had a blast in our booth, and had some wonderful booth neighbors.  The Juki dealer was next to us, and they had people come and work on Jelly Roll Race quilts.  About 20 tops were made over the three day expo.  I took pictures of some of the quilts.  Most of them were from 'Quiltmaker' magazine patterns.  What great quilts!

close up of the above quilt

Below are pictures of our booth, and, pictures from when we presented a Quilts of Valor quilt to a very deserving former Navy Seal.
Rita, our chapters leader

sewing Jelly Roll quilts

Quilts of Valor presentation

Quilts of Valor presentation

Quilts of Valor presentation

Quilts of Valor presentation  
I went to a quilt show earlier today.  I'll post pictures from it in a later post.  I also scored several cool sewing items at their 'garage sale' booth and at the boutique.  Did I mention that both booths were 1/2 off at the end of the quilt show.  Just you wait till you see what all I got.  I also got a new to me sewing machine this weekend, too.  I gotta take pictures before I tell you more about it.  It was a GREAT WEEKEND for me!  I hope your weekend was great, too!