Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NewFO's for February, blogs & Davy Jones

Barbara, over at Cat Patches is continuing her 2012 NewFO Challenge.  Here is what I've done for the month of February.

Quilts of Valor top
 I started this Quilts of Valor top last fall, but, work got in the way, and I couldn't attend the monthly sew-in for a while.  Life got in the way, and I didn't get a chance to finish this top.  I pulled it back out and finished it earlier this month.  Yipee!  Hopefully it is being quilted already.

Kari's quilt
 I made this for a lady that I work with for her birthday (February) this is the quickest finish I've done in a long time (start to binding done).  I didn't get a picture of it finished before I gave it to her.  I bound it in the same blue in the small border.
Valentine block, finished
Technically, I started these blocks in January, but, I added the hearts to the blocks in February.  Does it still count?  
Secret project

Secret project
I started this 'secret project' in February.  Barbara said we had to 'start' a project, not finish a project.  I have a few more months to get this done.

OK, now for the non-quilt related NewFO's.  I finally converted 2 of my vintage sewing machines to hand cranks this month.  

1910 New Home A turned into a hand crank
1921 Singer 66 turned into a hand crank
I've been meaning to turn these into hand cranks for a really long time.  The New Home is one of the first machines I blogged about.  He needed special parts to convert him.  Singers are easier, but, I needed a base for her, first.  I got the base last month.

Now, about blogging and blogs.  I'm sure you've all heard about blogger changing how we view the blogs we follow with Google Friend Connect.  Well, I've never trusted computers, so, just in case, I copied the links to all of blogs that I follow.  As I was copying the links, I found several blogs that haven't posted in many, many months, some, almost a year.  I knew one that had shut down, but, I didn't realize just how many have stopped blogging all together.  

Lastly, did you hear the news about Davy Jones?  The lead singer of The Monkeys died earlier today at age 66.  I loved The Monkeys (Davy, Peter, Michael and Mickey).  I watched them on TV, and I have at least one album of theirs (vinyl, requires a turntable) and I also have some CD's, too.  They were such a fun group.  I even remember Davy being on The Brady Bunch in one episode.

I hope that the rest of your week is WONDERFUL!!!!


  1. I love your machines. I collect antique toy machines, but love all older machines. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Those are wonderful projects. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your machines look amazing. Your quilt projects are beautiful. I did hear about Davy Jones, and that he died of a heart attack. Sad, but if you have to go, you might as well go quick, right? Have a wonderful Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

  4. These are some nice NewFOs. I've never seen the pattern for your Quilt of Valor. It's really neat!

  5. Beautiful projects. Isn't it fun to start and not have to finish?

  6. Gorgeous machines. Too bad all of our machines are plain old white. The artistry is just beautiful.


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