Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A win for me, more progress & the Triple Whammy Giveaway winner!

A years supply of Biz!
Yipee!  I won a years supply of Biz from The Tulip Patch a few weeks ago.  I've been remiss in posting about it, sorry.  Thanks Mary and Biz!  I may be sending some of this to college with my sons next year.

Wego Quiltin' charity lap quilt top
I'm in two quilt guilds.  One of them, Wego Quiltin' is making lap quilts that will go to our veterans at a local hospital in the Chicago area.  Our president, Thelma, handed out kits at our last meeting.  This is the kit I received.  I sewed it up while hubby and I were watching 'National Treasure 2' the other night.  Quick and fun.  These are flannels.

Kari's Birthday quilt
The lady I work with is having a birthday next week.  I made her this quilt.  I even machine quilted it (only straight line quilting).  I seldom machine quilt, but, I am pressed for time.  I'll finish stitching down the binding this weekend.  I hope she likes it.

And now, for the winners of the Triple Whammy Giveaway!

Springtime in Paris by Briar Rose Designs

24 pieces in this quilt kit

10 hand made buttons by Creative Uniques, Inc in a 'school' theme.

14 items Set of 2 June Tailor Quilt hangers, 3 candy pin cushions, 5 Schmetz Universal Needles (90/14), and a 4 piece set of Clover Chacopel Fine marking pencils & sharpener.

One thread catcher (winner chooses colorway from here).  Pattern can be found here.

First place goes to:

I thought I was already following you. Geesh! Well I am now! I can only remember two birthdays that were special, so I will share both. On my 7th birthday, my dad (who lived separate from us) gave me my very first Barbie doll (wish I still had it...had to share with younger stepsisters) and a slinky. On my 10th birthday, I got an outfit (slacks and top) and a Bizzy Buzz Buzz! Wish I still had the Bizzy Buzz Buzz!!! (I'm looking!)

I'll post about your giveaway.

Happy Birthday!!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!

The Second and Third place winners each will receive a thread catcher in their color choice.  They are:

  1. Happy Birthday! I would say th 50th birthday party my husband threw for me.

My favorite birthday was my last big one(!) when my husband had organized a surprise party for me - I thought we were going out for a quiet lunch, just the two of us!!
Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday Cheryl

Ladies, please send me your snail mail info and let me know which thread catcher colorway that you want to receive.  Congratulations!



  1. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for hosting such a gracious and generous give away.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (I am shocked, as I never win anything!)

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  4. Congrats to the winners! What WILL you do with all of that detergent, Cheryl? You should be the cleanest quilter around! :) Take care!

  5. Great give away prizes. Congrats to all the winners. I love the little buttons :) An impressive pyramid of Biz there, well done. The little quilts are wonderful. I am sure Kari will love hers.


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