Friday, February 3, 2012

Triple Whammy Giveaway!

Well, I started blogging last January, and I didn't celebrate my One Year Blogiversary.  Also in January, I passed the 100 Followers mark (Thanks to all of you).  Well, today is my 49th Birthday, and, to celebrate all three events, I'm having a TRIPLE WHAMMY GIVEAWAY!

Here is what I'm giving away to one of my wonderful followers!
Springtime in Paris by Briar Rose Designs

24 pieces in this quilt kit
 'Springtime in Paris' An Appliqued and Pieced Bed Topper by Briar Rose Designs.  Finished size is 48" x 48".  This includes 24 items in this kit.

Hand made buttons
10 hand made buttons by Creative Uniques, Inc in a 'school' theme.

14 items
Set of 2 June Tailor Quilt hangers, 3 candy pin cushions, 5 Schmetz Universal Needles (90/14), and a 4 piece set of Clover Chacopel Fine marking pencils & sharpener.

thread catcher
One thread catcher (winner chooses colorway from here).  Pattern can be found here.

That equals 49 items for this TRIPLE WHAMMY GIVEAWAY!  One item for each year I've been alive!

ALSO, there will be two second place winners that will each receive a thread catcher.

This giveaway is a celebration of my FOLLOWERS!  (I have Wonderful followers)!

Here are the rules:

1.  This is for my FOLLOWERS!
2.  You can blog about this, but, only one entry per follower!
3.  Please share with me a favorite Birthday memory of yours.

Thanks again to all of my WONDERFUL FOLLOWERS for all of the lovely comments you send my way!  Happy Birthday to ME!

Giveaway ends at 9pm on Tuesday,February 14th (yes, Valentine's Day!)


  1. I thought I was already following you. Geesh! Well I am now! I can only remember two birthdays that were special, so I will share both. On my 7th birthday, my dad (who lived separate from us) gave me my very first Barbie doll (wish I still had it...had to share with younger stepsisters) and a slinky. On my 10th birthday, I got an outfit (slacks and top) and a Bizzy Buzz Buzz! Wish I still had the Bizzy Buzz Buzz!!! (I'm looking!)

    I'll post about your giveaway.

    Happy Birthday!!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!

  2. Yes, well Happy Birthday to you, Cheryl! You sure are a cheery chick. ;-> My name is Toni Anne, yesterday I turned 47! I'm a new follower to your blog, what a generous gift (to have a giveaway for your birthday!) I hope you have a blast for your Birthday!!! ;-> Hugs

  3. Happy belated bday Cheryl! I would never guess you're 49!! Wow!

    One of my favorite birthdays was when I turned 30. My husband, sister, and best friend managed to organize and throw a surprise party for me. I had NO idea! I thought it was just family, so I didn't dress up or anything. I ended up having family, old friends who travelled up for the party, new friends from church, and all of our neighborhood friends come to my sister's house to celebrate with me. It was definitely a surprise!

    Take care!

  4. Happy Birthday! I am new to your blog. Love your name. My birthdays have always been pretty quiet but I always thought I was lucky when I was young as my birthday was 6 months from Christmas!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHERYL! Wow! 49, that was a while ago for me - never mind how long ago.
    I love your blog! and I've been watching the development of the thread catchers. This one is particularly pretty.
    My fav. birthday was 17... my boyfriend at the time took me to the Jr. Prom - which just happened to take part on my birthday. What a lovely memory that is. Thanks for bringing that to mind.
    I hope you have as wonderful a birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Sweetie! A follower - birthday memory - since I hadn't celebrated a BD for MANY years - last year I threw a month long celebration on my blog and sharing my Birthday with everyone was just a thrill and a half.

  7. Thanks for the chance. My favourite birthday memory is when I was about six and my Mum had dressed a doll for me - she was wearing a red and white snow white style dress when I first saw her and she had a wardrobe that was a miniature version of mine! Loved it and still have her

  8. Oh cool I am a follower. Happy B-Day. Great b-day's of the past being a kid in the backyard with all my friends. Now that I am a old fart no one shows up for the back yard swing set parties whats with that?


  9. Happy Birthday! WOWOWOW what an over the top awesome giveaway! Crossing fingers, toes, eyes, etc.... LOL

    Let's see, my favorite birthday was the year my hubby bought me my Bernina sewing/embroidery machine. I had been wanting one for so long, but would never ask for it. He surprised me with it, and I haven't stopped sewing/quilting since.

    Thank you for the chance! :0)

  10. Happy Birthday! Congratulations! WaHoo!! I'm a follower! Favorite birthday memory was when I as 16 and received a new stereo (turn table, 8 track and cassette) How cool was that?!? Thanks for a chance!

  11. Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday was when I turned 40--my friends had a party for me and we all had fun like we were kids again. That was many years ago! :)

  12. Happy Birthday! I would say th 50th birthday party my husband threw for me.

  13. Happy Birthday. I am a new follower and your blog is wonderful. My best birthday, so far, was last year when I turned 65 and could officially retire from employment and work for myself at home. I don't call sewing and gardening work but I love retirement. Thanks for sharing your birthday fun. I will blog about it.

  14. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the chance to enter your awesome celebratory giveaway.
    My last b'day was my favorite as it was combined with my brother's Halloween cookout, party and hayride on the farm for the "littles". Please imagine a bunch of kids 7 and under having fun and trick or treating while on a hayride. Lots of fun for me too.
    Blogger says that I now follow you:
    Follow this Blog
    You are now following Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting

  15. I remember my birthday parties that my mom had for me when I was in grade school. All the girls from my class would come to my house for the party. We played games and had cake. Remember playing "Drop the Hankie". I am a new follower! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  16. I found you through Michelle! Love your blog! Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday! im proud to be follower. i think the best birthday memory is to spent with my hubby. simple dinner with a birthday present and a birthday kiss. hehe.

  18. I don't remember how I stumbled upon you, but I'm a follower and faithfully read your blog. :)
    My best birthday memory is actually 3 favorites. My 16th birthday my mom set up a surprise party for me after school. This was the first birthday party I ever had, other than family parties. The second favorite is my 31st birthday when my husband completely surprised me with several of my lady friends showing up at the local Chinese restaurant. (He hates Chinese so I rarely get it.) And my final birthday memory is my 35th, just 2 years ago, when I came home from the hospital that day with my little baby girl.
    Sorry, to ramble....what a great give away! I would love to win it!

  19. Hi Cheryl,

    I have been a follower for a while. My best birthday was last year when I turned 50. I was blessed to be on a mission trip in Cabo San Lucas, MX the week before. It was great to be able to serve. Thank you for sharing your teapots and your heart with us.

  20. Happy Birthday! I am a new follower! My favorite birthday memory? I guess it would be last year when I was able to purchase my JUKI sewing machine, my first new machine in over 20 years! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  21. Happy birthday Cheryl. My best birthday was my 25th because I got married the next day to the love of my life.
    I'm a follower of your lovely blog, of course!

  22. love your blog.

    this is an odd one for a "favorite" memory, but the year I turned 8 (1957) was my first brush with racism, when I was not allowed to invite one of my playmates to my party. I was so mad I kicked the wall, broke my toe, and had to be taken to the hospital. Proud to say that at age 8 the evil (and pure stupidity) of racism was easy to spot!

    the playmate's family had fled the Cuban revolution that preceded Castro's rise to power.

  23. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. I am follower of yours.

  24. Happy Birthday! I was surprised once by a big "60's" themed party friends threw for me. I walked in my house (very tired from work) and everyone was there. They were dressed up with wigs, go-go boots, groovy clothes, decorations, the works. Sonny and Cher were even there. Great giveaway!

  25. My favourite birthday was my last big one(!) when my husband had organised a surprise party for me - I thought we were going out for a quiet lunch, just the two of us!!
    Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday Cheryl

  26. I'll never forget the time I was child and we went to the store on my birthday and I threw up in the store! LOL

  27. My favorite birthday memory was the year I turned 50. My friends at school gave me a $50 bill in a frame with all their names in the mat around it. =)

  28. I found your lovely blog and I found a giveaway. I am new follower. I love my birthday's day when my mother put my dogs a written "happy birthday" card on their necks and when they saw me, run happily to me. it was so lovely and funny. hugs

  29. My best birthday was when I was 8 and we were in Japan after WW11 and Dad was in the Korean war. He came home in time for my birthday and of course I thought the Army let him come home just for that!
    I'm so glad I found your blog any your giveaway.


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