Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Been missing, Meeting a blogger, Sandy blocks

I've been missing lately.  I was gone 22 out of 31 days in Oct/Nov.  5 days were planned for a family reunion in Arkansas, but, the other days were a surprise.  My father-in-law had bypass surgery, and hubby and I rushed down to Texas to be there for the procedure.  We had to rush back so that hubby could be in a wedding, then, 4 days later, I was headed back down to Texas to help my in-laws.

On the way back down, I stopped by both of my son's colleges to see them.  I arrived on Halloween to spend the evening with my oldest son.  His college hosts Trick-or-Treating in the dorms.  It was fun seeing all the college students in their costumes, and the local kids and families going thru the dorms, gathering candy.  My son dressed up as a Star Wars Storm trouper going to the prom.  He got the purple leisure suit from my stepfather this summer.  Now I'm on the hunt for another leisure suit for the younger son.  He really wants one in orange, if possible (his school colors).
my son as a 'Storm Trouper going to the prom'

my oldest son

one of the college students
The next day I arrived at my youngest son's college, shortly after he got out of class.  I got to meet his girlfriend, tons of his friends (he's a very social guy) and he took me to a church service for college students at his church that evening.  Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of him.

The world is a small place.  I read a blog written by a lady from my hometown in Texas.  She moved there years after I left.  It is the same town that hubby's and my family still live in.  Well...  I got a chance to go shopping at the local Hancock's while I was in San Angelo.  It was one of the few places I got to shop at while I was in town.  Imagine my surprise when I laid my fabric bolt down on the cutting table, and recognized the lady who was going to cut it for me.  I checked her name tag, then asked if she was CollectIn Texas Gal?  She said 'Yes, I am'.  I told her that I am Cheryl's Teapots to Quilting.  What a surprise for both of us!  Sue wrote the cutest blogpost about us meeting here.  Please read it, it is sew cute!

me & Sue (CollectIn Texas Gal) at the cutting table
See, a small world.  Oh yea, Sue had been working on blocks for Erin, over at My Patchwork Life, for Sandy relief quilts.  I had already read Erin's plea for blocks, but, being out of state, I didn't have my fabric stash with me.

Yesterday, I pulled out some fabric, and made some blocks for Erin.
Disappearing 4 patch block on my Spartan

Disappearing 4 patch block for Sandy relief quilts

all 9 Disappearing 4 patch blocks for Sandy relief quilts
As you can see in the top picture, I've set up a sewing area in my youngest son's room.  He won't let me take it over until he's been gone for a whole year, but, he said I could use it until he comes home for Christmas.  I'm so far behind on projects that have deadlines, that, I really need to get working on them.  Besides these blocks,  I've basted and started hand quilting nine blocks to make nine mini quilts.  I'm quilting them during DWTS shows.

hand quilting mini quilts
On Sunday, while hubby and I watched a few movies (my down time after the trip) I was busy drawing patterns on fusible paper, then ironing it on, and cutting it out.  Here is part of what I was working on.

I don't have pictures of the other fusibles I was working on.  They aren't ironed onto backgrounds yet.  I'll show pictures of those later. 

I found lots of goodies on the trip down and back.  I haven't even had time to unpack them, so, I'll post about them later. 

Have a Great Week!


  1. You are one busy lady! All that tripping, and still you find time to quilt. Your #1 son looks like a card! How wonderful to have 2 sons in college... expensive (I'm sure), but wonderful. Love your cupcakes and the flames!

  2. For being away so much, you have gotten a lot done! Love the Sandy quilt.

  3. What a fun blog post. Sounds like a lot of fun even in the midst of needy family stuff. So glad you were able to meet a fellow blogger. That is so much fun!
    Also love the cake blocks. Pretty colors. And I know I will never make them, so I'm glad I get to enjoy yours!

  4. Enjoyed visiting your blog! You have lots of nice projects you're working on. I made a couple of blocks for Erin too. I saw my blocks in one of the quilts she's put together. So happy to help out.

  5. Welcome home! Love the Halloween pics - very clever of your son. :) Sure hope the bypass surgery went well.

  6. Oh my, you've been very busy!! The Halloween pics were fun! I'm glad you're home, safe and sound! I've had similar blog experiences ... sort of. I'll go to our guild meeting and have women come up to me and say, "Are you Denise, from Count it *all* JOY!!!?" It always takes me aback! Hugs! :)

  7. Love the disappearing 4 patch - a great design!


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