Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Teapot Tuesday & Fun finds!

I love to stop at antique shops and quilts stores while I travel.  I have to get out and stretch my legs every few hours, and antique shops make a great place to stop.  While on my two rushed trips to and from Texas, I found some great items that came home with me.
Hubby said I couldn't bring home any sewing machines, but, I didn't think he would mind this one.  I found it in Texas.

cute, metal sewing machine art

back of metal sewing machine art
Sorry, I didn't clean this up before I took pictures.  It was really dusty, but, it did clean up nicely.  I love the plant on the back of the machine base. 

I stopped at a cute little store in Bristow, OK, that I've wanted to stop at for a while now, but, I keep going by it hours before it opens.  This time, I got to stop.  I found this great quilt top for only $8.

vintage quilt top
This is covering my dining room table for the moment.  I also found a few large spools at this shop, along with some sewing items (sorry, no pictures of those). 

I found lots of doilies at different shops along the way, too.

vintage hankies and doilies

vintage doilies

vintage doilies
I also found three embroidered blocks at a stop in Missouri. 

embroidered blocks.
I also found some cute ceramic items.  A dish and a candle holder.
dish & candle holder
I discovered a great quilt shop in Burkburnett, Texas, The Stitching Depot.  They even have a website.  I found a great Texas pattern and a book.

2 Texas quilt patterns, one is a kit
pattern book
I'm going to have fun reading this book, even if I don't make any of the quilts in it.

I also found some fabric at 2 different stores in Texas.

lots of fabrics, mainly fat quarters
I have a really good friend in Tulsa, OK (ok, two really good friends in the area), but, Betty made me something special.  Betty and I learned to quilt from a lady at my old church, way back in 2001.  Gail taught us to quilt, then, after the class was over, the ladies continued to meet weekly for several years.  Betty also crochets, and made an afghan for my youngest son when he went off to college.  She had extra yarn, so, she made me a lap size afghan, in the same colors.

lap size afghan from Betty

My mother's new hubby does wood turning.  He made me this lovely vase.  I put a wooden rose in it that I had purchased in Mountain View, Arkansas, while at my family reunion.

wooden vase from Melvin
Melvin does great work.  He is also very generous.  Thanks Melvin!

Last, but not least, I haven't had 'Teapot Tuesday' in a very long time (bad me)!  Well, I found this great teapot clock at an antique mall in Illinois on the way home.
sewing machine teapot clock

Gee, I brought home 2 different sewing machines, but, since they don't 'sew' they don't count, do they? 

Oldest son will be home soon for Thanksgiving.  Gotta go!  Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. I always wondered why there was the word "teapots" in your blog name! Now we know.
    Good shopping!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  2. Greetings from Maine!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog for a little visit!
    You are certainly a girl after my own heart...I love your finds! The quilt top for $8! Wow! All those precious doilies...you are certainly a queen of thrifting!

    Hope you and your family enjoy a very blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. Wow, what a lot of great finds! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Now that's the way to travel....drive, antique shop, drive, thrift shop and so on. It's so fun to find quilt tops for that price...some of my FAVS have been thrifted, reworked then quilted on my Longarm. Same with finding embroidered and pieced blocks. Cute sewing machines, too...and they don't count since they don't sew! I may have to search for that book...Gone To Texas...looks like a good one with some interesting Texas History.

    Hope you and yours have a Blessed and Bountiful Thanksgiving...Sue

  5. Holy Cow, you found a lot of treasures. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. What fun treasures you brought home.
    For some reason the sewing machine sculpture with the corn growing off the back just makes me smile!
    And the teapot clock does too.

  7. I live in Bristow, Oklahoma! Where is the store you went to located? Downtown, or on the Highway that one is called Granny's Emporiumn...I just call the one downtown the Purple store because of it's pretty purple storefront. Such a small world! Vicki Seals

  8. What lovely treasures!! That quilt top is awesome!!! I so want to get Betsy's book - it is definitely on my want list!!

    Have a blessed day!

  9. as for as i know i am not a noreply blogger but at one time groogle+ changed mine with out telling me and i had to get help changing it back


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