Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Bags are Packed, I'm ready to go....

I was gone for 8 days.  Lots went on during those 8 days.  This is the first post, covering the first 2 days.

Tuesday morning, I headed to Iowa, to meet up with another blogger, Michelle. 

Michelle and me
Michelle and I had a great morning and early afternoon together.  We chatted, had lunch with her sweet Louie, and came back to her home to check out some of her vintage sewing machines (sorry, no pictures of those, but, you can check most of them out on her blog, ~Life With Lou~).  

Michelle works with the Sewing Machine Project in Madison, WI.  I took her 2 machines for the project. 

Singer Stylist

Michelle will check out these machines, and make sure they work properly before taking them to Madison, along with other machines that she has collected for this project.  Michelle is great at working on machines.  The mechanics of machines still scare me. 

Michelle had made me two great gifts, too.  First, she gave me this quilted bag, with lots of pockets.  I plan on using this bag as a project bag in the near future. 

great bag from Michelle

outside double pockets

inside double pockets
Love all that RED, with the blacks and whites.  Michelle has a directions for these Market bags here.

Michelle also made me a great car litter bag.  She has a great tutorial for this, over on Mdm. Samm's blog, here

car litter bag

car litter bag
More RED, and DOGS, too!  Woohoo!   See that cute paw print material that it is lined with?  I didn't use mine as a trash bag, but, it was great on my trip, to hold my gas book, Mento's and gum, and a few other items.  I was in and out of that bag several times a day.  Thanks Michelle!

On Wednesday, I arrived in Kansas City, MO. at the Naval Reserve Center.  I delivered 50 Quilts of Valor quilts, for the upcoming Returning Warrior Weekend, later in May.  These quilts were made by my local, Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor chapter. 

50 quilts in my SUV
It was easier for me to deliver these quilts, than to have them shipped, since I was picking my mother up at the Kansas City airport the next morning. 

After dropping off the quilts, I stopped at 6 different thrift stores in the area.  I saw several machines, but, I didn't get any of them.  I was a GOOD GIRL! 

More on this trip shortly! 


  1. Wow what a great trip. So glad you were able to meet Michelle. I think it is amazing how she refurbishes sewing machines.

  2. You are a busy busy girl! Love following your adventures.

  3. How neat to have a MeetUp with another quilt/sewing blogger. Love your bags and thanks for the links to Michelles blog.

    So wonderful...The Quits of Valor. Seriously, not one Thrifted Machine!!! Hope you have survived all the flooding. We've had a little rain here. Not enough to make much difference,though.

    Sue CollectInTexasGal
    Wordless Wednesday Texas Chicken Farm

  4. Yeah, I don't think I could put my trash into that cute little bag. Welcome home and thanks for sharing your trip.


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