Saturday, June 29, 2013

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quilts of Valor all weekend long!

This has been a busy week with Quilts of Valor.  It started with a sew-in in Yorkville, IL on Tuesday.  That is one of our regular monthly sew-ins.  On Saturday, I rode with Rita (our leader of the Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor chapter) to Rockford, Illinois for the first ever sew-in at Quilter's Haven.  While we were there, the local TV news station showed up to report on the sew-in.  Here is the story that they did on WIFR.  There was film footage, and we were on the 6 & 10pm news, too.  Woohoo!  Quilter's Haven is looking forward to having more sew-ins, in the future. 

WIFR news guy shooting footage of the long arm class

in the process of cutting quilt kits
I cut several quilt kits for future Quilts of Valor quilts.  There are many ladies who just pick up kits, then bring back the finished top (or quilt) when they are done.  Many can't make any of the sew-ins that we have. 

Today, I got to make a Quilts of Valor presentation to a returning US Army Airborne Ranger.  Here is just a part of his write up.

He has been to Iraq once and just returned from Afghanistan in May (for the 5th time)  He plans on continuing with the Rangers in Reconnaissance.
An E-6, Brett has received the Army Achievement, Army Commendation, Good Conduct Medals, 2 Joint Service Commendation Medals,  Afghanistan Campaign Medal , 3 Campaign Stars,  Iraqi Campaign Medal and  2 Campaign Stars.

My oldest son came with me for the presentation.  He held a flag while the 'parade' arrived.

my son (far right) holding a flag
 There were about 100 vehicles of all kinds that were a part of this. They just kept coming, horns honking and people waving.  Very moving!

first cars

more vehicles and start of the motorcycles


more motorcycles

the fire department

start of the line of tow trucks, too
The presentations were great!  They even gave his daughters teddy bears dressed in camouflage.  Here is the family.

some of the family

  And here is me presenting him with his Quilt of Valor (on a VERY hot, steamy day).

wrapped in his Quilt of Valor
 If you have never been to a Welcome Home event, I recommend it greatly.  Sign up on their website in your area, and attend. 

Rita is attending another Welcome Home event this afternoon.  So glad we have the opportunity to thank our veterans!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

International Quilt Festival

On Friday, several of us took a bus ride from a local quilt store to the International Quilt Festival outside of Chicago.  This is the first year of this festivals return to the Chicago area.  It left here several years ago and moved to Cincinnati.  As usual, I started with the vendor booths.  I was pretty good.  I forgot to take pictures of what I bought, so, that will have to come in a later post.

Several years ago, I went to this same quilt festival, and purchased a block template, along with some patterns to use the template.  Well, in my usual way, I used the template, but, never bothered to read either pattern.  I made a quilt, using the template, for my husband as a 20th Wedding present (#26 is coming up this fall).  The next year, I stopped by the same booth, and told Kathie Alyce about hubby's quilt.  (post about the quilt here)  I didn't use the template the way it was designed to be used, but, my quilt turned out great.  Kathie used hubby's quilt in her book, as an 'alternate' way to use the template.

hubby's racing quilt
Well...  guess who was at this show!  Yep, Kathie Alyce, and she has a new template.

Kathie Alyce and me, in her booth

I bought her newest template (the rectangle) with the pattern for the quilt in the far left of the picture.  Kathie did tell me that if I'd bother to read the directions this time, that I wouldn't have to do all the pinning that I had to do the first time.  Maybe I'll read the directions,  maybe I'll do it the hard way again.  Who knows?

There were TONS of lovely quilts to look at.  I didn't take pictures of all of them (even if it seems like I did).  I just took pictures of quilts that caught my eye more than the others did.

There was a special section devoted to my favorite poem from elementary school. 

by: Gelett Burgess (1866-1951)
      NEVER saw a Purple Cow,
      I never hope to see one;
      But I can tell you, anyhow,
      I'd rather see than be one. 
 These are my favorites from this group of quilts.

...the Cow Jumped Over the Moon by Sandi Henschel

COWculator by Connie Donaldson

COWmen Miranda by Sue Cresse
There are lots of Baltimore Album quilts scattered throughout the show.

by Karin Grabowski (machine pieced, hand quilted and embroidered, beaded)

by Luann Bruce (I love the border technique of this quilt)

by Linda Neustadt (hand appliqued, pieced)

Some whimsical quilts....

Sunflower Exchange Project by Barb Zapp

by Stephanie Adams and Sheryl Schleicher (I love the bugs interspersed in the quilt)

Grandfather's Flower Garden by Margik Kagerer (this was made with ties)

Holly at 4 - The Year of Discovery by Holly Altman
 Holly states that she made this (left hand quilted, left hand cut and left hand machine quilted for "the kid look", from drawings her mother saved)

Showing that this was truly an International Quilt Show, there was a 'Yurt' made by a woman from Scotland.

The Quilted Yurt in the USA by Linzi Upton

inside the Yurt, this was BIG
 Back to more traditional quilts....

My First Trip to Baltimore by Carolyn Stine

To Ron with Love by EuJane Taylor (made for her 30th Anniversary, using things that represent their interests and values, and images from their own era of history)

This next quilt is 12 quilts in one quilt.

The Quilt Show by Carole Corder

Some interesting takes on traditional quilt patterns.

J Rock Star by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Flowers are my Passion by Sylvia Brassington

The Fantasy Quilt by Carolyn Allison (was a Round Robin quilt)

Sunburst by Connie Watkins (hand pieced, hand quilted)

This quilt struck me because it is about a 'group' of stitchers.  I'm in several 'groups' of stitchers.

by Noriko Nozawa

There was a challenge for quilts that represented what Canada meant to the makers.

Unity in Diversity by Susan Jaenen-Griffin

up close of part of the 'crazy' quilt

Around the Block by Karen Eckmeier

up close of the border

up close of the center

More quilts.....

Fiesta Stars by Allan Jones and Dot Collins

Tropical Bliss by Shari Stone

The Candy Shop by Miyuki Hamaba (hand quilted)

Flowers in My Heart by Noriko Kido (hand quilted, trapunto)

ElaTED by Ted Storm (hand appliqued, padded appliqued, embroidered, beaded, padded trapunto, hand quilted)  This was quilted at half an inch or less. 

Natural Wonders by Kathy McNeil

More whimsical quilts...

Family by Toshiko Maeda (crazy quilt of Boston Terriers and a Pug)

Rainbow Lorikeet by Helen Godden (hand painted)

Ms. MacDonald Had a Farm by Lynn Czaban and members of the Hanging by a Thread group

The Shoulders I Stand Upon by Carmen Huggins (crazy quilt)

up close of one block

Beach House Crazy Quilt by Carli Heinrichs

More colorful quilts....

Sounds of Coming Spring by Jung Eun Tark

Spring Garden by Susie Anderson, Margie Lambeth, Margaret A. Phillips

Birds in My Yo Yo Garden by Joanne Johnson, Kim Norton

up close of the Yo Yo sashing

Summer at the Lake by Ralma Summerlin

Circus Stars by Teresa Justis (machine pieced, big stitch hand quilted)

up close of the quilting

The last few quilt...

Forest Intrigues by Caroline Vroom

School Days by Lynn Allen, Doris Bond, Leila Loosemore, Estella Miller, Shirley Phillips, Eilene Patterson, Pat Patterson, Jean St. Pierre

up close of houses and hand quilting

What a fun day!  Saturday was another fun day, but I'll give it it's own post.