Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Finish! and a New Quilt Store!

Yesterday a few of us celebrated a friends birthday.  Kay is one of the best friends you could have.  Even my son's both consider her a great friend of theirs, too.  I made Kay a mini quilt as a gift. 

Everyone always takes pictures of their quilts outside, draped artfully across shrubs and trees.  Well, I tried that yesterday morning in my backyard.  No sun, but, pretty plants.

Kay's quilt on my roses

Kay's quilt on my day lillies

Kay's quilt on the grass
Another friend and I found the center cross stitch a few months ago at a thrift shop.  I saw it and thought of Kay, since she gardens, and loves the rabbits (unless they are in her yard). 

'found' cross stitch in center
I added hexie flowers (I just learned how to make them), and quilted it on my Janome, in cross hatching.  The only machine quilting I can do is straight lines. 

upclose of hexies and quilting
I put the last stitches in the binding shortly before we left for IKEA.

We ate lunch at IKEA, then had to check out everything in the store.  I was a good girl, and only bought lint rollers for my sons, and a candle plate. 

Next stop was the new quilt store, a short drive from IKEA.  Quilters Quest is in Woodridge, Illinois.  It is a nice store, and, we will all be back soon. 

Floriani threads

fun 'Bee' fabrics

lots of colors

another wall of colors
lovely Asian fabrics

some 'cat' fabrics for you

several Australian fabrics to choose from
Yes, I did buy something.  I was good, I only bought 2 quarter yard cuts for my Harry Potter, The Project of Doom quilt.  Won't these look great as book covers?

spooky eyes and cute mice
Now to think up some great book titles to use with these fabrics. 

At the checkout counter, I found a wonderful goodie that I just had to share with you (no, it wasn't for sale, darn it!)

Treadle lamp

the treadle is a music box
 Oh my!  How cute!  Too bad it wasn't for sale.  It would have come home with me.

Another quilt store in our area is closing.  The owner is retiring.  I've already been a couple of time, but, they just posted even lower prices.  Only a few days left before this store is GONE!  Well, we just had to stop and see what was left.  I did find a few fabrics for projects that I already have planned or am working on.

'quilt' themed fabric
Kona brown and a fat quarter, along with thread

focus fabric for an upcoming project
I already have a small amount of the black quilt themed fabric, but, I'm sure I can use this, too.  The Kona brown fabric will be my 'bookcase' in the Harry Potter quilt.  The Pink and Orange fabric is for a quilt that was requested for a graduation next May.  I'll get some Kona solids to match it so that I can start on this quilt in a few months.  In all, I bought almost 15 yards of fabric, but, since I finished the bolt on each one, I saved 70%. 

Tonight is quilt guild.  We are having a lecture and trunk show of Sunbonnet Sue quilts.  We were asked to bring any Sunbonnet Sue quilts we have for show and tell.  I'm bringing a quilt that hubby's grandmother made for us after we got married.  We are also having a 'tea' at the quilt guild.  We are supposed to wear fun hats, like we'd wear to a tea party.  I'm making my hat.  I guess I'd better go now, so that my hat can be finished.  My hat has a theme, it is 'misplaced Texan who fell into a garden'.  Hopefully it turns out ok. 


  1. Thanks for sharing your tour. The fabric got me drooling.
    Love the mini for your friend. I remember that embroidery. Good for you to find a use for it. Love your hexie flowers, too.
    The second I saw the lamp I knew you'd like it... and it's a music box! Just the perfect Cheryl gift.
    Par-tay tonight at guild. Sounds like you all are a fun bunch. Please take pictures of your hats.... Some of us live vicariously, you know.

  2. Have fun! Love all your goodies!

  3. Love the little hexies on the corner of your quilt, they fit in so will with the garden theme!

  4. Your little quilt is darling. What a lucky friend!
    I love to see those delicious fabrics in a place where i am not tempted to buy any. Yeah, the lamp too.

  5. Wow! That lamp is incredible! And as always, your quilt is just beautiful! Can't wait to see how your hat turned out too! ;)

  6. My goodness, what a lot of fun things on your post today Cheryl! I'm amazed you found that stitchery in a thrift shop - perfect way to give it new life by gifting to a wonderful friend!!! The hexies in the border are the perfect touch :*) Love the treadle items - so fun!!! And that quilt shop - I wanna come visit it!!! So sad when others close though. We've had a few close here too. Have a great weekend!

  7. What a fun day you had yesterday! And that little quilt is adorable! The new quilt shop looks great which helps lessen the pain of losing a shop. ~Jeanne

  8. Love your little gift quilt! Such a great way to repurpose a found treasure! Whoop whoop!!


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