Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May, a busy and life changing month in my family!

I know, I've hardly blogged at all this month.  I've only just gotten caught up reading all of your blogs.  It has been a busy and life changing month for my family, in many ways. 

The month started with my oldest son's college graduation. 
my mother, Christopher, my in-laws
After his graduation, I headed to Oklahoma to pick up all the stuff from my younger son's dorm.  Gee, he barely left room for me in my SUV.  When I got home, my living room was FILLED with the older son's dorm stuff (still a few items left in my living room).  I unloaded younger son's stuff into my garage. 

As soon as I got home, I had to start moving my sewing stuff OUT of younger son's room, so that he could move back in for the summer. 

just some of my sewing stuff in his room
Lets just say that I don't have a dining room anymore.  There was sewing stuff against 2 other walls that don't show in the picture above.  Needless to say, I've not gotten much stitching done in May. 

I participated in 2 Quilts of Valor events (the quilt show from this blog post) and 2 sew-ins. 

I've had 3 different quilt guild events, too.  I taught how to miter borders at 2 guilds.

I took down the wallpaper border in my son's bathroom (took all day Friday), then painted the bathroom on Sunday.

new paint in boys bathroom
 MUCH more grown up now! 

I also had the Wego 'box' exchange blocks to make before the meeting Monday night. 

Dutch doll #1

detail on Dutch doll #1

Dutch doll #2

detail on Dutch doll #2
I didn't get to these until Sunday night.  At least they got done. 

In April, I won Marie Bostwick's newest book, over at Starwood Quilter.  She has a great book club on her blog.  Check it out. 

now to find time to read this book
I've worked on hexies, too.  Still not finished with them.  (no pictures of the finished hexies yet). 

I've also started embroidering some titles onto some of my Harry Potter, The Project of Doom blocks.

Hedwig block

up close of the stitching

one book stitched, another one ready to be stitched

I haven't had any time to start any new blocks.  I'm hoping to get back to them in a week or so.  Oh well.

I found this cute mini quilt in a thrift shop.  Someone had ripped the photo out of the center of the mini quilt. 

cute mini quilt
My youngest son gave me something to replace the photo that was ripped out of this mini quilt.  He gave me a picture of him and his fiance. 

new photo to add to the center of this quilt
Yes!  My youngest son got engaged this month!  Oh my!  The are planning on waiting a few years before they get married. 

There was also another life changing event in May!  My oldest son (and recent college graduate) started at his new JOB!  Woohoo!  He started last Friday.  He'll be living at home for the next year, so that he can pay off student loans. 

We've gone from empty nesters for the last year, to having 2 sons back at home.  A college graduate, with a new job, and an engagement.  If that isn't life changing, I don't know what is!  Things are finally starting to get settled here, so, hopefully some stitching will be happening soon. 

Happy June!


  1. Congratulations, have fun, and take care over there!

  2. Wow! Things are very exciting at your house!!! Somehow I doubt that things will settle down too much with both boys home but I do hope you get stitching time. It will be quite different having a full house again. Enjoy! ~Jeanne

  3. Congratulations on all the exciting new changes! :)

  4. Life with boys is never boring. Congratulations on all of the exciting changes.

  5. My goodness!! Congratulations all the way around! And I thought I was busy with 4 littles.....I think you have me beat!! Lol

  6. Congratulations to your engaged son! Also, Congratulations on your older sons new job!!!! Way to go!
    That certainly was a May and early June you had. Busy Girl. Seems even when you aren't getting much sewing done you still do plenty of it. Love the tatted lace on the Sunbonnet Sues... do you do the tatting, too? My Mom did that for years... she made pieces to sell - snowflakes and little angels and earrings. I have tried, but not very hard. Quilting makes me happy.
    Did I miss something? How did you get the black writing on your HP book backs? Did you run the fabric through the printer?
    Hope all settles down at your house soon. (Although with boys at home there will always be excitement. Good for you.

  7. Wow, and I thought I was busy! Congratulations on all the events...the book winner too. Having a "son-on-loan" taking up my work space and bedroom, I can just imagine what it is like to get those sons back.

  8. Holey smokes...lots going on there...congrats to Christopher on graduating...congrats to Connor on the engagement. You have been very busy with all the sewing and painting...and how appropriate for you to win that book "Between Heaven and Texas"...ha ha. Love perfect for you. How cool is that owl!!
    Hugs Khris


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