Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thrift store and garage sale finds

The past month or so has been busy for me, but, I have found some time to stop in at some thrift stores between events.  Hubby even wanted to go check out the garage sales today.  Lots of garage sales, but, not much stuff we were interested in.  We did find a great sign to a street that we didn't know was near us.

gee, I wonder why I'd be interested in this sign?
Most of the sales today just had baby stuff.  With our youngest now engaged, and no grandkids, we don't need baby stuff.  Well......I have been looking for a stroller for the dog.  Katie has bad knees.  The vet says we can't take her for walks anymore.  Katie LOVES to go for walks, even when we have to carry her.  At 20 pounds, we are NOT going to carry her.  I've been trying to find a stroller for a cheap price, so that Katie can still go on walks with us.  Look what we found at the end of a driveway, next to another garage sale.  Check out the price tag.

Katie in her new stroller
Katie sat still while I pushed her all over the downstairs.  We'll see how well she does later, in a 'real' walk outside.  Don't worry, she'll be strapped in so she can't jump out.  Hubby is working on that part now.

The best sale of the day netted me several sewing notions. 

freezer paper, embroidery stabilizer, transfer paper, and...

brand new project travel case

working lamp (Ott type), and new kit with silks, etc

3 rulers and 2 cutting mats
Total of above items was $23.  SCORE!!!!!!  The lamp, rulers and mats are used, but, the rest are all brand new.  I'll pass the embroidery stabilizer on to friends who have embroidery machines. 

I've also found a few treasures at thrift stores in the past few weeks. 

floor style (Ott style) lamp
I've now found 3 different Ott style lamps this month.  My oldest son claimed the first one, since he'd already sent me out to find him a lamp for his desk.  It was a 'real' Ott brand lamp. 

wall hanging

lap quilt

lap quilt is tied, can't see how it is quilted from the front
The most fun find was a telephone.  Last fall, I was with my mother when she found a great telephone. 

mom's Pluto telephone.
Well... after the Quilts of Valor sew-in last Tuesday,  I decided to stop in at the Goodwill store a few blocks away.  I seldom stop there, since it isn't close to my house.  I was about to leave, when I decided to check out one of the bins that hadn't been unloaded onto the shelves yet.  This is what I found.

Mickey Mouse phone $3.99

For $3.99, I wasn't really worried if the phone worked or not.  I just grabbed it and ran to the checkout stand.  When I got home, I plugged it in, and.... it WORKS!  Mickey now sits next to my bed, on the nightstand. 

I have been stitching, but, I'm working on a secret project, and I can't show it until late next week.  It has something to do with these.

basted hexies
Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like you have a VERY fun day!

  2. Wow, you did really well. Lots of good fine's. Everything looks useful.

  3. Katie looks tooooo cute in her stroller! Nice finds all around.

  4. What a great day! All of the quilting finds and a free stroller! You really scored! ~Jeanne

  5. Oh wow! I spent the morning yard sale-ing and didn't find a thing! You lucky thing you!

  6. Wow!!! You really racked up with your thrift finds!!! I often find good stuff, but never that much sewing stuff, and it all looked new too! Way to go!!! The Mickey phone is absolutely awesome :*)

  7. What wonderful finds! And here I was excited over my $15 ott lite that I found at Tuesday Morning. Haha! Your deals are incredible! Especially jealous of the cutting mat you found. I would love to stumble across a larger cutting mat at some point! :)

  8. You are so lucky to find such nice quilty stuff at sales. I found a couple of old sewing machines at a thrift store last week...haven't even taken the time to try them out, but they are sort of cool. I will post about them soon.

  9. Nice colors on the hexies! I wonder what you are making.
    You are a shopping genius!


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