Saturday, March 29, 2014

Expo fun and some bloggy friends

This weekend was the Sewing & Quilting Expo.  I worked both the Quilts of Valor booth and also as an ambassador in the Make-It Center on Thursday and Friday.  The Expo was MUCH smaller than it has been in the past, but, it was still fun!  I didn't get any pictures of the Quilts of Valor booth (oops!), but, I did get pictures of what I got to make, then help teach at the Make-It Center.

Box Bag
Box Bag, open
Beth Bradley, from Sew It All TV was the instructor. 

Beth Bradley from Sew It All TV
This was a fun bag to make!  You can get instructions for a larger bag on the Sew It All TV site.  This bag is designed by Stacy Schlyer, and is on episode 704.  Here is a link to the instructions.  It takes about 45 minutes or less to make this.  This was my 3rd ever zipper. 

I'm not on Facebook, but, there are pictures on Sew It All TV's Facebook page (open to all to see).  Here are links to 2 pictures with me and my bag. 
Me, making my bag.  And me, with two of the ladies I helped (one is a friend from the quilt store Thursday sew-in's).

I got to meet up with a fellow blogger, Andrea (Sew Divertimento).  Andrea won my first ever giveaway.  Andrea knows that I love teapots (see the title to my blog, teapots came before quilting).  Andrea found a cute teapot for me, and brought it to the Expo (along with some great fabric for Quilts of Valor, woohoo!).  This is the teapot Andrea gave me. 

teapot Andrea gave me
It's so cute and little!  Guess what?!?!?  My mother gave me a teapot similar to this one, way back in 1995.  Now I have the 'mommy' and the 'baby' teapots.

teapot from mom and teapot from Andrea
Aren't they cute together?  So special!  Thanks Andrea!!!!!!!

Last weekend I went to Joann's.  Not only was everything I bought on sale (most of it at 40% off), but, I also had a coupon for another 25% off my entire purchase!  Woohoo!  I bought lots of batting, thread and some Minkee.  I also bought a magazine that I've been wanting, McCall's Quick Quilts.  Three of my blogging buddies have patterns in this magazine issue. 

McCall's Quick Quilts (April/May 2014)
First is Erin Russek from One Piece at a Time.  Her pattern is 'Go Fish!'

Go Fish! by Erin Russek
The second pattern is by Cory Yoder over at LMS (Little Miss Shabby).  Her pattern is 'Weekend at the Lake'

Weekend at the Lake by Cory Yoder
The third pattern is by Jean Kritenbrink over at Jean's Quilting Page.  Jean's pattern is 'Twist & Shout' (she also called this her Snake Dance mystery quilt pattern). 

Twist & Shout by Jean Kritenbrink
I like all these patterns.  Now to find time to make them.....

I have been sewing, just now pictures yet.  I'll have a post at the end of the month (Monday or Tuesday) with what I've been doing in March.  It's been a busy, non-sewing month for me, but, I have gotten some things done. 


  1. It looks like you have had a lot of fun here lately! How cool! Hope to meet you one day too!

  2. That little bag looks like something I could handle : ) Very sweet
    Have a lovely Sunday

  3. What a great day you had. You helped, met a friend, made something and had fun. Love those teapots.

  4. Mama and baby teapots? What next!

  5. The tea posts a too cute!!!

    I'll go check out the pattern for the boxy bag. Can't have too many of those to have around and make for gifts. =!

  6. Looks like you have been having WAY too much fun! ;)

  7. Love the bags. I remember a shoe bag I used in high school that was the same style only bigger.
    Love your teapots. They have to be by the same artist.
    I saw that magazine at the grocery last week. Love the twist & shout pattern. How would it look in R,W & B?
    Lovely to hear from you.

  8. That is awesome that your teapots match!

  9. I "may" have one in there too, can't remember :)

  10. I have a bag like that which was given to me as a gift. Now I can make more.
    My daughter loves teapots
    Thank you for your ideas.


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