Monday, March 10, 2014

PoP Quilt Show and Vintage Sewing Machine booth

This past weekend was my larger quilt guild's bi-annual quilt show.  Pride of the Prairie puts on great quilt shows, with great quilts, raffle baskets, silent auctions, baked goods, book & magazine sales, appraisals, knife & scissor sharpening, and lots of great vendors.  The guild has also let me have a booth in the show for the last 2 shows.  My booth is some of my vintage sewing machines.  I sit and stitch all day, both days, and, chat with people who have questions about vintage machines, and how to fix them.  I also let people sit and stitch if they want to.  My goal is to get people to get out the old family machine and get it up and working.  I don't sell anything, so, the guild gives me the booth for free.  My booth was very busy this year.  Here are some pictures of my booth.

my booth is down a hallway (hard to photograph)
On Saturday, I did most of my stitching on my newest hand crank, Betty.

'Betty' my 1941 Singer 66 hand crank
On Sunday, I did most of my stitching on a treadle, Victor.  Most people had never seen a blue treadle, so, Victor stopped lots of people in their tracks (that's why he was the first machine they saw).

'Victor' my Post WWII Japanese treadle
I had several other machines at the show, too.  In the background of the pictures below, you can see some of the toy sewing machines that I also had at the show. 

Eldredge chain stitcher

'Tinkerbell' 1925 Singer 99 hand crank

1959 Singer 192K 'Spartan' hand crank

1914 Singer 66 'Lotus' hand crank

1921 Singer 66 hand crank
There were lots of great quilts at the show.  The first quilts are from a member challenge.  You could pick a bag with a Kona fat quarter in it (no choice of color), and, you had to make a quilt, no larger than 31" square using only solids, and, that fat quarter that was in the bag, had to be the 'focal' color of the quilt.  There was a tag with the bag, that you had to attach a piece of your focal color to, and hang with your quilt.  I only took pictures of some of my favorite challenge quilts.

Challenge Quilt by Christie Hardt

Challenge Quilt by Sue O'Connor

Challenge Quilt by Terri DeLano
I was going to participate in the challenge, but, I couldn't find my fabric until it was too late.

Here are more quilts from the show.

Rider's Journey by Linda Kennedy
This quilt is from a fellow blogger and friend, Mary Winegar of I Piece 2-Mary.

Mary Winegar
In The Meadow by Lynn Poulos
Bonnie Hunter came to our guild in 2012.  Several people had quilts in the show from her workshops.

Midnight by Lynn Poulos (from Bonnie Hunter workshop)

Up, Up and Away by Susan Baldwin
Included in the show were some 'extra' quilts.  This one is a signature quilt.  I included a close up of the center square below the full quilt.

Signature wedding quilt

Wedding Signature quilt center block

Susan's Folly by Sandy Fuehrmeyer

Catherine's graduation quilt by Jennifer Beatty

Finale by Barbara White

Dave by Sandy Piatak

Churn Dash and Shoo Fly by Anita Marsh

Run to Color by Anita Marsh
 The quilt below is one I have as a screen saver on my phone.  I've started some of the tiny 9 patch squares for this quilt.  If I can figure out where I put my fabric for this quilt, I just might get started on more blocks.

Omigosh! by Sandy Fuehrmeyer
 This next quilt is a 'house a day' quilt.  Since it was made during a leap year, it has 366 tiny houses in the quilt. 
A Year of Scrappy Houses by Christine Williams

Fantasy Garden by Barbara White

International Sunbonnet Sue by Jo Sheppard

Sisters from Another Mother by Loose Threads Bee

Virginia Bound by Sandy Fuehrmeyer

Cactus Flower by Nan Connors
Scrappy Baskets by Sandy Piatak

Scrappy Baskets by Sandy Piatak, upclose
 I just love Dresden plate blocks.
Dresden Star with Flowers by Eileen Diercks

Penguins go Marching, Dressed to the Nines by Carol Marland

Checkmate! by Sharon Nichols

Twisting 'n Turning Weathervanes by Christine Williams

Christmas Traditions by Laura Eggers
 Another Dresden plate quilt.
Dresden Symmetry by Beth Higgins

Snowflake by Cathy Lucas

Which Way? by Barbara Wenker

Sampler "5" / Salt Box My Way by Linda Kennedy

Grandmother's Flower Garden by Jodie Nidey
This next quilt won 2 awards, Best of Show and 1st place in machine quilting.  The quilter who pieced and quilted this quilt, also quilted both my nieces quilt and my son's quilt (way down at the bottom of that post) and shams. 

Not My Colors by Julie Karlak (Best of Show & Machine quilting blue ribbon)
The next quilt was purchased as a quilt top, then finished by the quilter who purchased the top.  She hand quilted this top.

Vintage 1940 Pieced quilt, unknown piecer, quilted by Geri MacRoy

Minnie Mae by Jan Mueller
I had to include this next quilt.  Another fellow blogger, Barbara over at Cat Patches, is working on this same quilt design.  When I saw this quilt, I thought of Barbara.

Embroidered Snow Ladies by Christie Hardt

Old MacDonald by Carol Marland
 There were two of this quilt in the show, each slightly different in colors.  The maker has twin granddaughters.  I'm just showing one of the quilts.

Ania's Tumbling Monkeys by Lynn Poulos

Owen's Railroad by Lynn Poulos
 This is the finale quilt.  I've seen this quilt before, and would love to make one like it some day.  Wouldn't it look great in my booth?
The Quilter by Nan Connors
I hope you enjoyed the show.  Sorry I couldn't include all the quilts.  My poor camera was tired by the end of the show.

PS:  I had two book authors near my booth.  One I'll post about next month, after she presents at my little quilt guild.  The other author posted about the show, and included a picture of me on her post (thanks Karen).  I have her first book, The Bunco Club, and am now waiting for the next book to come out.  Check out Karen's blog post.


  1. Fantastic! Lovely to see all the quilts, and having the vintage machines at the show would be a great attraction.

  2. Thanks! It was fun to see the quilts AND some of your machines. I've often thought of making the quilt "The Quilter" or one similar. It would be fun to have. ~Jeanne

  3. Your booth really looks inviting.
    The challenge sounds like a lot of fun.
    The show quilts are simply wonderful.
    A big hug to you and your tired camera for taking us along.

  4. Love seeing all your machines and sure they were a great hit at the show. Thank you for sharing photos of some of the quilts - just some great eye candy.

  5. What a great show! I'm sure your machines were quite a draw...I have my own vintage machines and I still would have wanted to try yours! So pretty!

  6. I loved seeing all of the quilts! What great fun to share your love of people powered machines! I really want a blue machine also!

  7. Thanks for the "quilt show" Cheryl :) And I loved seeing your vintage machines!!! I can't imagine a more pleasant day than to be able to sit and chat with you about machines and stitching :*)

  8. Thanks for the cyber quilt show!

  9. What beautiful quilts! So much inspiration! I am so disappointed that I was not able to come this year. I would have been drooling at your booth! ;)

  10. Awesome blog post and some very neat photos. I love the last quilt the most!

  11. I love when you go to quilt shows, the pictures are always amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for posting pictures of all those beautiful quilts. I'm a fan of the older patterns. Maybe because I'm old, I don't know. The machines are really pretty. New ones may be easy and accurate, but they cannot compare in charm and elegance.
    Bet y'all had fun!

  13. Great post, thanks for showing us all these lovely quilts.

  14. What a fantastic booth you created! I would be so distracted, I'd likely spend the whole show at your booth :)
    Maybe I should get my Blue White into a treadle? I love sewing on her but the foot pedal gets very hot. Treadling would solve that problem!
    Great quilts too :)

  15. What a fun quilt show! And how wonderful you are to let everyone play with your vintage machines :) I hope it inspired them all!

  16. Great show! Thanks for sharing your pictures. The quilts are all wonderful. Love your "booth".

  17. Thank you so much Cheryl for giving us a tour of your booth and quilt show! I am SO sorry I wasn't able to attend! GRRRRRR!!!! I loved seeing each and every photo on your post! Thanks for taking the time to share everything with us!

  18. Thank you for including my latest quilt. You did a good job of showing us the quilt show.

  19. I am so enamored with your hand crank sewing machines. Russ and I were talking about them the other night. I do have a silly question. Can you sew backwards with them? To lock the stitches? Or does it depend on the machine. Just something I have been wondering. =)

  20. Hi, I check in on your blog every so often. Loved seeing your old machines. I have a 1922 (or 21) Singer portable which had been motorized. My husband got it at a rummage sale for my mother's day gift a few years ago. I decided to return it to a hand crank and found someone who does that. My two granddaughters, 6 and 8, used it to make pillows at Christmas time. I haven't sewed a project on it myself, but you;ve inspired me to use it for a full project this spring.

  21. Wow, nice quilts in the show and I love your sewing machine booth! We are going to be doing that for our Quilt show in October. Should be fun. I will do the booth by myself on the Friday and hubby will join me on Saturday. I'll have to have lots of scraps cut so I have things to try out on the handcranks. Hope to have my favourite treadle there as well.


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