Sunday, March 23, 2014

Two New (to me) machines in the past few weeks

Well, so far, I've found a new (to me) machine each month in 2014.  I found the lovely 'Betty' back in January.

1941 Singer 66 converted to a hand crank
I sewed on Betty while showing off some of my vintage machines at my guilds quilt show earlier this month.

The end of February, I found a Kenmore machine in a cabinet at another thrift store.  The cabinet had $15.98 written on it (why do they use marker on cabinets?).  I drug it over to an outlet, and plugged it in.   It turned nicely, and the motor sounded good.  I took it to the check out, and, half price day!   It rang up at $7.99.  Woohoo! 

Kenmore Model 1358 (158.13580)

cabinet the Kenmore came in
This machine dates from around the time I graduated high school.  Dates for some of these machines are hard to find, so, I had to find a date on a parts diagram on the Sears parts website (1981).  That's the best I can come up with. 

This machine sews very nicely!  It has 10 different stitches (no cams needed).  Kenmores are really easy to use, even without a manual. 

practice stitches from the Kenmore
This machine only has one problem, and it can't be fixed, unfortunately.  The clutch knobs sometimes 'freeze' and can't be unfrozen, no matter how hard you work at it.  I tried oil, Liquid Wrench, heat, and lots of time, but, I only succeeded in breaking off the clutch knob on the machine.  Back to the Sears parts site.  Oops!  Replacements are no longer made or sold. 

what is left of the clutch knob

where the clutch knob should be, still stuck tight
After a week of messing with this, I gave up.  Bobbins will have to be wound on one of my sidewinders.  I was hoping to send this machine off with one of my new quilters, if they decide to keep on quilting. 

On Friday, I stopped off at another thrift store, on my way to the fabric store (40% off sales, with another 25% off total purchase coupon from Joann's, boy did I have fun)! 

I turned the corner at the thrift store, and saw this.

filthy dirty machine case

priced right, even if only for the case
Of course I opened the case....

cute green machine inside
I snapped that machine up!  Gee, even if the machine didn't work, the case is worth $5.

When I got home, I found out just how dirty that machine was.  How do machines get this dirty when they are in a case?????

dust and dirt

motor runs nicely, belt in nice shape, lots more dirt!

underside of machine, and inside of case

light works, more dirt!
Lots of cleaning done on this machine.  The motor works nicely, and isn't noisy.  It cleaned up well.

don't you just love the matching foot controller
This machine stitches, but, I can't adjust the stitch length for some reason.  The feed dogs move and adjust, but, it just doesn't feed well.  I'll have to play around with it and see what I can do.  Now to find a manual for this model (if there is one).  This is a straight stitch machine.   No zig-zag.  Great for a new stitcher (if I can get it to feed nicely). 

I have been sewing, but, I haven't taken any pictures lately.  I have a busy week coming up (Sewing & Quilting Expo in Shaumburg in the Quilts of Valor booth this weekend).  If you attend, stop by the booth on Thursday or Friday and say HI. 

My ladies in my beginning quilting class are starting to show some progress on their blocks.  Most of these ladies have never used a sewing machine before.  We only meet for 2 hours on Saturdays, so, not much has been accomplished in that time.  Other than material, most of the ladies have been using my supplies at our classes (cutting mats, rotary cutters, rulers, even machines).  Hopefully there will be something to show soon. 


  1. Love your finds! That turquoise white is so pretty. Hope you get it humming and working perfectly!

  2. You have a good eye for spotting great deals! Love your teal white!! It could be best buddies with my Blue White! LOL

  3. You do such good works, teaching and supplying machines! Just cleaning those machines must take a while. Good Job!

  4. Love the new finds. I learned to sew (4-H) on an old Kenmore and my favorite machine today is my old New Home.

  5. You've been doing great on finding sewing machines. Too bad about the broken Kenmore knob. Maybe a blogger will know where to get parts. The aqua White is treasure for $4.99. Your students are lucky to have you as a teacher. Look forward to seeing pics when you get the time.

  6. WOW! You really found some great deals! Congrats! I need to take a class from you on how to clean up old machines like that, just in case I ever find something I can't walk away from! I received your blocks! Thank you SO much! Have fun at your QOV expo!

  7. It's so fun to see what you've found for sewing machines. They are all treasures. I'm going to be getting my first new to me treadle hopefully shortly. I think it will be the "bomb" to sew on a treadle again. it's only been 50 years since I last sewed on one. I did sew a lot back in high school making my own clothes and that's what we had was a treadle. My only older machine is a singer 15-91 made in 1954. I really enjoy that machine and then I have a Viking that is about 20 years old. it comes in handy for things other than straight stitching.

  8. Some people have pets follow them home. At least you don't have to feed them.

  9. What great finds! Love the turquoise White! And $4.99!? I never have gotten that lucky at the Goodwills in my area. Maybe one of these days . . .

    Have fun at the quilt expo! I may try to attend one day if I am feeling up to it! :)

  10. Too bad about the Kennie clutch and knob. If they were compatible with the Ward's Signature version from the same era, I could supply you with one. In fact, I think the Signature metal knob is interchangeble with Singer and Singer clones so I have a stash for just in case.

  11. Hi Cheryl!!! Sorry I've been so MIA. I'm working through my blog cue right now with over 700 posts to read! ha! Congrats on your new machines!!! I actually have a couple of singers that I would love your help on. I have no idea where to start with cleaning them and making them work! I'll be at the Quilt Expo on Thursday so I'll come and find you!! I have some fabric and a teapot for you!!!!! Take care!

  12. I love your site, and found my way here through another blog. Wish I could remember which one! I've added a link to your blog on mine, on a new page I've just started for my readers, leading them to sites like this. I invite you to come and see the page Happy to have found you!

  13. You certainly have had some amazing finds....just wonderful

  14. Wow, what a great deal! Unfortunately I don't have a Goodwill in my small town.


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