Saturday, June 14, 2014

Long Time, No Posts

Wow!  It's been almost a month since I last posted.  Life has been crazy busy.  May wasn't much of a month for 'me', instead it was a month for me doing for others instead.  I did get some sewing done in May (all for others, nothing for me).

Memorial Day weekend was really busy.  There was a Wounded Warrior 5K run in Plainfield (NO, I did NOT run!).  4 of us from Quilts of Valor attended the closing ceremony, to award 9 quilts to wounded veterans from several wars, including Vietnam and WWII.  What an honor.
Wounded Warriors with their quilts
I also delivered a quilt that I'd made for Quilts of Valor.
Quilts of Valor quilt
 This quilt was presented to a Vietnam veteran on Memorial Day. 

I'm still teaching the beginning quilting class on Saturdays.  Out of my 4 students, one is finished, one is hand stitching her binding down, one has machine quilted her quilt and added the binding (she'll get to that after her vacation), and one is finishing up the machine quilting on her quilt.  Here are a few pictures of the last 3.
Kelly stitching the binding on the front of her quilt

Kelly's quilt before binding, after quilting
Kathy piecing her backing (Lynn & Carrie in the background, working on Lynn's quilt)

Kathy's backing
One of my students has really taken to quilting.  She is a high school math teacher, and is really having fun with all the math involved in quilting.  She didn't want to waste her extra blocks, so, she designed this pieced backing between classes.  I had her add a strip of blue fabric all the way around the backing, so that we could center it, and not miss part of her top (they are exactly the same size), and when she came to class the next week, she had mitered her corners!!!!!  This is a lady who had never sewn, even by hand, before this class.  Wow! 

My future daughter-in-law (Krystal) had a birthday earlier this month.  I made her a purse, like the one I made back in February.  I made three of these bags at the same time. 
Krystal's purse
The other two bags are also gifts.  They will be delivered in August.
Michele's purse

Betty's purse
I had five of my machines worked on in the past few weeks (all at the same time, by the same guy).  One was used as a 'donor' machine (for parts) and now, four of the machines work great!  Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to stitch on any of them.

I've been busy this month, I just haven't had time to take many pictures, or load what I've taken in the computer.


  1. No lie, Blogging takes time. Yours is being used in very important ways, so don't feel badly. We miss you, of course, but keep making the QoV quilts and we'll forgive you. Plus, you are spreading the love of quilting by teaching... Atta Girl! We couldn't be prouder.

  2. You have been very busy! I agree - blogging takes time. The busier I am, the more I'd like to blog but it just doesn't happen. Your students are doing great!!! So much fun! Like all of the purses and the QOV quilt. Hope your weekend is going well. ~Jeanne

  3. You have been busy! I write a lot of blog posts in my head, I just can't find the time to actually get them done. The QOV quilts are wonderful, you should be very proud! You made me laugh with the math teacher, of course that's what we all needed, a degree in math, LOL, the one thing that drives me crazy with quilting.

  4. Sounds like you have been having fun though!

  5. Is there a pattern for the bag? Is it a freebie or a purchased pattern? It sure looks like a great gift. Glad to see you posting again! I can identify. My blog has been idle since January!


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