Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My fun Weekend! (and new pincushion)

Last weekend I drove to Iowa to visit with another blogger friend, Michelle of ~Life With Lou~.  Michelle has already blogged about our weekend here, so, I'll add some 'extra's in my post. 

I stopped at a quilt store on the way to Iowa (surprise there!).  Stitches in Time is in Oregon, Illinois.  I've been there before.  They sell quilt fabric and yarns.  Here is what I purchased, mostly off the clearance table. 

Lots of lovey fabric goodness!
They also sell items to raise money for the local hospice.  They had doilies and such, so, of course I had to get some of them.

includes 2 dress doilies

turtles hold soap pieces
I got to visit with Michelle last year, while on my way to my oldest son's college graduation.  Michelle had made me a great bag, that I've used as a purse ever since then.

bag Michelle made me last year
Well, Michelle taught me how to make another bag over the weekend.  Michelle has made LOTS of these bags, and has taught several other ladies how to make the bags, too. 

Michelle and I got started on my bag on Friday night, while watching the Olympics (I just can't skip watching them).  First, Michelle loaned me a machine.  She'd told me to leave my machines at home, since she has even more than I have, and most of her machines are all in working order (while many of mine are still 'works in progress').  I used a modern Juki straight stitch machine.

'borrowed' Juki (love how it is decorated)
On Saturday morning, the ladies from Park View Lutheran church came over for a sew-in at Michelle's. 

some of the Park View ladies stitching away
We all worked on different projects.  3 of us made bags on Saturday.  Here is my bag.

my bag I made

yes, front pockets are different widths, so my cell phone fits better on one side

inside pockets and lining
Here are some of the projects the other ladies were working on.

coasters, but they were also making pot holders with the same method

cute baby blanket for their preschool ministry

another bag

JoLynne's bag
After the sew-in was over, we headed back to Illinois for a concert at her friends church (Hi Judy & Dave!).  We picked up her brother Jack on the way.  We went to see the Ball Brother's.

The Ball Brother's in concert

What a great concert!  I came home with 4 different CD's of their music.  I just LOVE 4 part harmony!  They were very inspirational, too!

On Sunday morning, Michelle and I worked on some other projects before I had to head home.  I got lots of blocks trimmed, and some fabric cut, ready to stitch some 'Pieced Hexies' from Mickey Depre's book (remember my last post about my birthday)?

Michelle sent me home with some goodies, too.  Last April, I found a Pfaff 360, hidden under the men's clothing rack at a local thrift store. Well, the zig zag lever is stuck (and broken) on the Pfaff.  Michelle also has the same model Pfaff 360.  She pulled her Pfaff out, and we worked on both machines.  Michelle got my knob to move some, and found that her knob was also stuck.  After working on both machines for a while, Michelle got both knobs to start moving (they still have a long way to go before they work), and, since she doesn't sew on her Pfaff, she gave it to me, so that I could try to get one or both of the machines to sew properly.  Wow!!!  I'd love to be able to use all the stitches that come on these machines.  I'll be working on these machines in the next little while.  Michelle also gave me a motor for my Pfaff 130.  The wiring was messed up on mine, and, while messing around with it a few weeks ago, I think I blew the motor completely.  As soon as I can get the foot controller rewired and attached, I'll see if that machine stitches.  Michelle also gave me a really cute bag to carry my mid size cutting mats and square rulers in.

my new cutting mat and square ruler bag

On the drive back home, I needed to stretch my legs, so, I stopped again in Oregon, Illinois (no, not at the quilt store this time).  There was a flea market that was still open, just a block from the quilt store.  Yes, I found a few goodies to bring home with me.

some doilies and a wooden shoe pin cushion

Ball jar lamp

I plan on putting buttons in the Ball jar.  Now to find a place to put it in my sewing room.

I'd posted in the January NewFO's post, that I was in a pin cushion exchange.

This is the pin cushion I made (one was made for the hostess of the exchange, too).

pin cushions that I made
Well, yesterday my new pin cushion arrived.

pin cushion I received
This was made on a 1928 Jones Family CS machine (similar to these machines).  Thanks Betsy!  Isn't it CUTE! 


  1. What a wonderful post! But, where is my little tiny quilt that should be attached to the pincushion? ;) Thank you so much for coming. I had a wonderful time!

  2. What a fun trip! Love the pincushions - you did well making and receiving!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I love your new pin cushions, I got mine the other day also, but have not downloaded it off my camera yet.

  4. I've STILL never made a bag. Yours is lovely

  5. Wow! What a fun little retreat you had! Thanks for sharing all of the goodies!

  6. What an interesting time you had. I love all the bags that were made and the pincushions are just so cute. What a great swap.

  7. What a fun filled week you had. Isn't it lovely to be with a friend who likes the same things? You made great bags and I love your pin cushions. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you get at least one of your Pfaff machines to stitch properly.

  8. Michelle is such a sweet gal. I'm thinkin it's time for a bloggers lunch as soon as the weather gets more predictable.

  9. Sounds like you had a really good weekend! Your bag is fabulous!

  10. You did a great job on your bag! And I like the Ball jar lamp....I might need to buy a lamp kit and see if I can make one...

  11. What a fun weekend of fabric shopping, sewing, and an inspirational concert. That will keep cabin fever in check.

  12. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Somewhere I still have the crocheted turtle I was given as a child--mine was intended to hold a bar of soap for tub baths. I still have it somewhere--but now it's filled with poly-stuffed cotton so it can be a pincushion. Now I'm wondering where I've stashed it!

  13. I'll bet you $100 that I'm the only one who not only knows where Oregon, IL is but has actually been there ... multiple times!! My sister used to live there ... I loved visiting that little town.


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