Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vacation, etc

I've been on vacation the past few weeks.  Did you miss me?  Don't worry, I didn't take very many pictures.

We started off by getting some Maple Sirup (yes, I spelled that correctly, check the link) at Funks Grove, IL.  They have added a barn quilt since the last time I was there.
Funks Grove's barn quilt
We then headed to Springfield, MO. to meet up with Missy, of Missy's Homemaking Adventures, and her hubby, Chris, at Bass Pro Shops. (PS:  she has a better picture on the link above, than I got).

Missy and me
Next stop was Tulsa, OK.  I made 3 purses in early June.  One purse was mailed to Alaska, but, I got to deliver the other 2 purses on this trip.  Both were surprises.  Here is Betty with her new purse.
Betty and her new purse
Oops!  I forgot to take a picture of Michele with her new purse. 

I didn't take a sewing machine, or any tools with me on this trip, but, I should have.  Friends in Tulsa are new great-grandparents to 3 little girls.  Hubby and I thought the girls needed some blankies.  Hubby helped me pick out the fabrics, and I borrowed a cutting mat.  I had to buy a rotary cutter, and used my FIL's metal square as a ruler (really bad on the rotary cutter blade).  My MIL let me use her sewing machine.
MIL's Singer 237 sewing machine
The blankies are washable satin on one side, and flannel on the other side.
3 satin/flannel blankies

While in San Angelo, TX (our hometown), I took my BFF's daughter to the library for a Music in Literature event.
poster for the event
The symphony conductor chatted with the kids about music, and did some fun things before reading 'Remarkable Farkle McBride' by John Lithgow.  He did a great job with all the kids.  We really enjoyed it.
While at the library (newly done), we checked out the children's area.  They have a great quilt, with beloved children's book characters.
the whole quilt

up close of half the quilt

up close of the other half of the quilt
Upstairs is another quilt.  This quilt is for sale, as a fundraiser for the library.
crazy quilt for sale
 I did a little shopping on the trip, but, I was a pretty good girl.  Some of the items below were gifts, not my purchases.

On the way to Texas, we stopped at Thayer Rags in Frederick, OK.  CD and his wife own the store, and, CD is a collector of vintage sewing machines (and he also sells them).  We had a nice chat, and I got to see some of his machines in the store.  I also bought some Texas fabric while we were there.
Texas panel and barbed wire fabric
I stopped at some antique stores in San Angelo, too.  I found a pinker.
I also found some blocks from an old quilt that someone had cut up.  I just had to rescue these.
I got 2 of these blocks

I also picked up a box of top clamping attachments.
top clamping attachments
I had to check out the Jim Shore collection at Eggemeyer's General Store.  I found one thing that I just couldn't resist, a quilting angel.
Jim Shore quilting angel
I found a sewing machine at a thrift store.  The motor runs, and everything moves, but, it only came with a zipper foot, and, I haven't cleaned & oiled it, or checked to see if it stitches.  If it works nicely, then it may find a new home in California with a friend (don't get your hopes up, Terri, it may not work).
Singer 301A (still needs to be cleaned and checked out)
I did pick up some other fabrics at some of the quilt stores we stopped at in Texas and Oklahoma.
fabrics I purchased
I also found a sewing clamp.  I can attach a pincushion to this, and clamp it near my sewing machine.  I've been trying to find one of these for a while.
sewing clamp

I also received a few gifts.  My MIL had this bag waiting for me.  Perfect for a Texas gal.
Texas bag
We visited Fredericksburg, TX with my in-laws for a day.  My in-laws bought me this nail art Nativity while we were there.  I have a small collection of Nativity's.
nail art Nativity
My BFF's mother gave me this teapot night light, since I collect teapots.
teapot nightlight

I'm way behind on sewing projects, but, I hope to have a few things to show before the month is over.


  1. I just love antiquing. Beautiful treasures. Glad you rescued those blocks

  2. That nativity is beautiful! I have a small creation but nothing so creative and unusual. And what a treat to stop a Thayer Rags and see CD's collection. Sounds like you had a great trip.

  3. Yes, you were missed, but sometimes it is good to take a break from the internet. It appears that you had a productive vacation. The nail art nativity is very nice as is the teapot nightlight.

  4. You have a good reason for being gone, looks like you had a real nice time. I love that quilt at the children's library, are all of those blocks hand drawn?

  5. Wow! How cool to meet Missy! Looks like you had a wonderful time and found lots of goodies!

  6. What a great trip! And a great time! Love the baby blankies. Your finds all look like real treasures - hope you get the 'newest' sewing machine running. Welcome Home! ~Jeanne

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I'm glad we got to meet! Next time we'll have to go out to eat for dinner when you come through! I love he TX fabric, I need to get some!

  8. oh, those pinking sheers are so cool looking, they look like a whale!

  9. What a wonderful trip you had! So fun to meet up with Missy!
    Your 301 looks exactly like my new one. What does the A mean when you say 301A?

  10. Looks like a great trip and Iove the pinkers. I was trying to figure out if they cut like a reg scissors. Theymust, but don't look like it would happen like that! I'm glad you had such a good time and found so many treasures!

  11. Wow! You had way too much fun on vacation my friend!!! So many different things going on and people to see and visit :) Love those pinkers - they look like a whale (I know - it's already been said, but I agree!). And lucky you to find a 301A - hope it works for your friend :)

  12. Nice Florian pinker. they are in production again and last time i checked the new ones sell for $80!

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful time, Cheryl. Fabric and thrift stores! That's the way to go. Good for you... and me, I guess. I feel like a celebrity that you found a 301 for me. You are a good friend.


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