Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Few New Things, and what I'm working on

I've gotten a few new things in the last week.

1927 Singer 15
 I went to a rummage sale last Saturday, and found this machine.  It's missing some parts (bobbin case, bobbins, clutch washer, etc).  It came in a cabinet (rough shape).  The cabinet is in the garage.  I doubt I'll keep the cabinet.

I spent the afternoon cleaning this machine.  Most of these pictures are BEFORE I cleaned the machine.  She does have some pretty decals. 
nice faceplate, old style tension, no bobbin case or bobbin, or bobbin slide plate

motor, foot control and wiring.  NO I didn't plug her in

lots of lint jammed in there.  I never could get the feed dogs out

cleaned machine in a base that hubby made last month
Despite all the missing parts, I 'borrowed' a bobbin case from a Kenmore (standard series 15 style), and got this machine to stitch nicely.  Now to order her a few parts, and some new wiring and a new foot pedal.

Yesterday I was asked to give someone a ride.  On the way home, I decided to stop at a thrift store.  I found this box.
Singer Monagrammer

for slant shank, zig-zag machines

everything was in the box, including the Styrofoam to protect the parts

every disk is there
This monogrammer will work on my Singer 401A slant shank sewing machine.  Woohoo!  I probably won't have time to play with this until early next year.

I also found a cute teapot that I just couldn't resist.
I love his antenna.  Isn't he cute!

I have been working in my sewing room.  I started some Christmas tree mini quilts.  I've appliqued around everything, and stitched all the ornaments onto each of the trees.
3 Christmas tree mini quilts
 I'm taking a break from sewing the binding on these.  They should be finished soon.  Two of these will be 'flying' off to Alaska soon.  One for my son, and one for his fiance'.  My son asked me to mail him a little Christmas tree for this year, when he moved to Alaska (like I'm going to pay a fortune to mail an artificial tree).  This wasn't what he asked for, but, it should work.  They can hang them on their walls (she is in a dorm, so, not much room).  I'm keeping the 3rd one for my sewing room.

Tomorrow is a Shop Hop.  6 quilt stores. Other than some backing for more table runners, I don't plan on buying much, since I don't need anything.  We'll see. 


  1. Oh I love your new find. I had a japanese clone which was from Montgomery Wards. I tried to switch out the bobbin case cause I wanted an extra one for my Singer 15-91 I couldn't quite figure out what was wrong, but it was actually backward from the one in that singer. Ugh! Sweet little teapot, and love your Christmas trees!

  2. Lovely new machine. You just sweeten these babies right up! Cute teapot find. I think your mini trees are perfect.

  3. That machine seems to have enjoyed her trip to the beauty parlor ... so nice to be fussed over. That monogrammer in it's original box....there must be a story to go with it. It will probably be happy for some fresh air.
    Right kind of tree to fly all the way to Alaska, but the tea pot seems to have flown to a place it will be appreciated. Cute!

  4. Wow - what a great find Cheryl!!! I never see anything like that when I go thrift shopping. But I suppose that's a good thing because my husband would kill me if I brought another machine in the house :) I love the way you give them new life! I had no idea Singer ever mfd a monogrammer unit - that will be fun to play with. And that teapot is simply adorable.

  5. I have never seen that monogrammer! Wow! You made some great finds - as usual!!! I love the way you give these old machines a second chance. ~Jeanne

  6. You always find the best stuff. I haven't found anything fun in a long time at the thrift stores.

  7. Cheryl, I love garage and rummage sales and thrift shops too! As you know, I've found some great quilty stuff myself. Someone's trash is another's treasure..... LOVE the teapot -- I've never seen one like the little bee before. Sew cute. Your trees are awesome! Your own design?

  8. You always find the best stuff, that bee is adorable. Love the trees!

  9. That's a lovely machine! And those trees are so cool! I am sure your son and his girlfriend will appreciate them!

  10. I love your little mini trees--so cute! Adorable bumblebee teapot--just right for a cuppa! Hugs, Julierose

  11. What a great find with the monogrammer! You will have fun with that one. 😀

  12. i love your new machine and the teapot is just buzzing with cuteness! That is a good idea for a tree for your son! He should be able to buy a tree there in AK - LOL

  13. OOOO a shop hop. I haven't been in years. Hope you had fun!
    Got the card you sent. Thank you. It helped me feel like I was home here.

  14. The scroll work on your newly found Singer is elegant. How awesome to find a monogramer. Only you would have a machine in your stash that would work. :-). Your post makes me want to go thrifting, but we have slippery roads today.


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