Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two new machines and some exchange blocks received

I've gotten 2 more machines this month. 

First, I got a Damascus treadle.  I'm hoping someone will want this treadle, since it is treadle #6 in my house, and I'm only supposed to have 4 treadles.  I'm running out of treadle space.  This treadle had been sitting in  a basement for about 40 years when I picked it up.  It didn't come with any attachments, but, it has the shuttle and a bobbin, which is a plus.  I have before cleaning and after cleaning pictures.  This machine had mold on the outside of the machine, and, some inside the drip pan area of the cabinet.

Damascus, before cleaning.  Some of that is mold.

back of machine, showing dust and mold

paint splatters on cabinet

mold on drip pan inside of cabinet (it cleaned up easily)

clean and shiny

no more dirt or mold

Damascus in it's treadle cabinet

patch on the treadle peddle (no, I didn't clean the treadle irons)
Anyone want a treadle????

Also, I picked up another Kenmore in a cabinet.  I left the cabinet in the garage, so, I don't have pictures of the cabinet. 
Kenmore 158.17530 (1969-70)

cams and attachments and button hole maker that came with the Kenmore

more stuff that came with the Kenmore

this came with the Kenmore, but, I haven't a clue what it is

up close (and fuzzy) of the mystery part
My oldest son may get this machine.  He's 'testing' 3 of my Kenmore machines, to see which one (or two) he wants for himself.  For the first time, he's not complaining when I bring a machine home.  At least I am teaching him how to clean and oil the machines, so, he's done most of the work on the Kenmores.  Fine with me.

I also got lots of exchange blocks this month.

The first block is from the Mystery Row exchange I'm doing.  This was the 2nd month of the exchange.  I still need to make this month's block.  This is the block I received.
Mystery block I received
I was also in another block exchange, with my Treadle On group.  All these blocks have to be made on either a treadle or a hand crank sewing machine.  No electric machines allowed.  These are the blocks I got back.
Treadle On block exchange blocks
One of these days, I need to start sewing all my Treadle on blocks together.  I have them from several years now.  I think I like this setting.  Each block is signed, with the makers name, location, and what machine it was made on.  Some of these blocks are from England. 

I have been slaving away in my sewing room.  I'll post what I've been doing  at the end of the month, so that you don't have to see it twice in one week. 


  1. Wow, you did a beautiful job on that treadle machine! It's beautiful.

  2. If I ever live in a house big enough for a machine, I will know where to look.That cabinet is beautiful too. That will be one unique quilt when the blocks get together. I wouldn't be much for exchanges but that has great appeal.

  3. Beautiful job on the treadle. The swap blocks look super all laid out.

  4. I hope your "new" treadle will find a good home after you so lovingly cleaned "her". And you got lovely blocks in your swap.

  5. Beautiful machines! Nice Treadle On blocks too!

  6. You always have the best finds! I have not been on the hunt lately as the littlest has been keeping me on my toes. I'm devastated to admit that i have not gotten to touch a sewing machine at all this month. I'm going through quilting withdrawal! Happy that i can live vicariously through your posts!

  7. Your treadle and cabinet turned out beautiful. If I were you, I'd think about keeping that one. It's a beauty!

  8. You must work in the acquisitions office... You" done good" cleaning up that machine. It looks great.
    Love the HST blocks.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. You are so talented at cleaning up these antique machines Cheryl! I wish you lived closer to me! I am very thankful for your blogging friendship!


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