Tuesday, December 2, 2014

November NewFo's and finishes, etc

Barbara, over at Cat Patches is hosting her last year of NewFo linky parties.  There is only one more month before the end.

Here are my NewFo's for November:

Mystery Row Blocks for exchange.  I made 2 blocks, but, I'm only exchanging one block.
block I'm keeping

block I'm exchanging
I also started on 4 purses that will be Christmas presents, all requested after I made these purses, earlier this year.
Krystal's purse & Michele's purse

Betty's purse
Betty asked me to make two purses, one for each of her daughters, in OU (University of Oklahoma) fabric.  Michele's daughter also asked for a purse, after seeing her mother's purse.  I'm also making a purse for my mother-in-law, who mentioned that she would also appreciate a purse like these.

So far, I've quilted all the fabrics, and started the cutting and pinning for all 4 purses.  I still need to sit down and stitch the purses together.  I was going to make one for myself, too, but, there just wasn't time to quilt more fabric.   The purses that I've made in the past, have used pre-quilted fabrics.  All of these purses had special requests for fabrics that I couldn't get pre-quilted. 
4 purses, fabrics quilted, pieces cut out, and first parts pinned and ready to stitch

I did have some finishes in November, too.  I made 19 more 60 degree table runners.  This time the table runners were the 'bonus' table runners that are round.
8 Snowman table runners

2 Apple table runners

4 beach themed table runners

2 sunflower table runners

3 floral table runners
I also made 3 mini Christmas tree quilts.  I've already mailed 2 of these to Alaska.  One for my son, and one for his fiance.  They both liked their trees.
3 mini Christmas tree quilts

pattern for 6"x20" trees
I also managed to add a few sewing machines to my collection in November. 

1927 Singer 15 (in a base that hubby made)
Damascus treadle
Kenmore 158.17530 (1969-70)
My oldest son is now playing with three of my Kenmore machines, trying to see which one (or more) that he wants to keep for himself.  One of these days I'll have to do a blog post about what he's been sewing.


  1. Wow, you have been busy! Love all the runners and the tree pattern is so cute.

  2. Love your runners and their bonus parts. Wow production line purse making! Great machines too. I love your trees though! Very cute.

  3. I had to read those numbers twice about how many things you've been making, have you slept?

  4. Lots of cute stuff here. You have been busy!

  5. I love that when your son gets married, they can hang up their matching trees next to each other!

  6. The trees are lovely and I think they would be quite a feature as three hanging together.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs


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