Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some finishes and some fun gifts!

Woohoo!  All my Christmas gifts are DONE!  (but not in the mail yet).  These are the last items I needed to finish so that I can start wrapping and mailing items.
Rene' and Doris's purses

Holly and Melody's purses
The last two pursed I messed up on, when I cut them.  I had written to cut 16" x 17", when I should have written cut 17" x 16".  Oops!  It makes a BIG difference when using directional fabrics.  I fixed the problem by adding a strip of coordinating fabrics to both sides.
side 'strip' added
I also added a strip to the lining, to make it fit.  These turned out great.  I may add the strips again, on purpose.  I liked the slight contrast.  Thank goodness I had enough of the coordinating fabrics pre-quilted.  It also makes the purse an 'ooch' larger (good English, don't you think)? 

As soon as I finished the purses, I had one last item to make before shutting down my sewing room until after my son's visit.  My future daughter-in-law is coming, too, and, since we are celebrating Christmas early (they have to be back in Anchorage before Christmas), then she needed a special stocking.
Krystal's finished stocking
I think I'll add some bells to the points.  I took this pattern...
free pattern, online
and made it my own.  The only part of this pattern I used was the templates.
stocking template
 Instead of using fusible fleece, I wanted a lining in this stocking. 
I finished this Thursday afternoon, just in time for quilt guild.

At the other quilt guild's Christmas party, I got a few favors I thought you might like to see.
candle mat (I used cone thread for the picture, since I didn't have a candle in my sewing room)

chap stick holder and coaster
I also got a great gift in the mail from Terri.  I love these calendars and have a collection of them in the basement.
calendar from Terri
The last thing to arrive in the mail was my Mystery Row swap block from Deana (November block).
Mystery Row swap block
I do still need to make my block to swap for December.  I'll get it done after my son leaves. 

My best Christmas present will be arriving on Thursday at 5:10am.  Connor and Krystal will be here for 4 and a half short days.  I have lots to do before they arrive.  I'm so excited!!!!  This is the only time we'll get to see them until the week of their wedding, next May. 

If I don't post again before then, then...

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


  1. Love these purses! Very cute and looks like they will hold lots! The stockings are so cute too. I think my sewing for Christmas is complete. I hope so anyway. lol

  2. Great purses - very nice! Love the Christmas sock too. Have a wonderful visit - enjoy every minute! Merry Christmas! ~Jeanne

  3. The purses are very cute, but the stocking is fabulous. Merry Christmas and enjoy the visit.

  4. You've done well! I love all your Christmas gifts but especially the stocking! I'm making my last gift today too, then I'm finished, Happy Christmas to you too. xx

  5. All the bags are cute, but especially love the Oklahoma bags. The stocking is cute and so are the blocks. Merry Christmas!

  6. I love your creative changes to the patterns, Have a great time with family!

  7. Good for you! I still have some sewing to do ; )

  8. I like the added ooch, just a little bit more room and the strip does add just a touch to the look, lucky accident. Enjoy your time with your son, the time will fly.

  9. What a lovely group of gifts! Both those received and giving.

  10. Merry Christmas to you, too, Cheryl. Have a lovely time with your company.

  11. You are certainly ahead of me! You are so quick! Those stockings are too stinkin' cute!

  12. Great finishes ! Maybe I should start my Christmas sewing :/

  13. There are some lucky ladies who will be receiving those wonderfu purses! I love them! I just can't get into making purses because I have too many quilts to make instead.

    Also, that stocking is adorable! My daughter will be getting married next year and I was thinking about how she won't have stockings for herself and her new husband. I will file that cute pattern away in my mind and maybe order it when it is time to make it if it's what she likes.


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