Monday, December 29, 2014

Some Sweet, Quilty Christmas Presents

I got some nice, quilty presents for Christmas this year.

My future daughter-in-law did great in picking out a present for me.
wood handled seam ripper
I've been wanting one of these for a while now. 

I got this lovely, folded fabric ornament from one of the ladies that took my beginning quilting class last winter/spring.  She has gotten quite crafty since learning how to quilt.

folded fabric ornament from Kathy
Marilyn picked up some fabrics for me while she was at the Houston International Quilt show last fall.  Marilyn knew just what would make me happy.
panel of vintage sewing machines

panel of TEXAS fabric (my home state)

I may not live in Texas at the moment, but, you can't take the TEXAS out of the girl!

Hubby did well, too.  Last year, I got some of these clips from my sister-in-law, and hubby knows how much I like them and use them.
2 boxes of Clover Wonder Clips (Woohoo!)

My oldest son is teaching himself how to sew.  He has claimed 2 of my vintage Kenmore sewing machines (so far).  He was sewing up a storm for Christmas.  Here is the fleece vest he made me.
fleece vest made by Christopher

Christopher also made 2 more fleece vests while his brother and future sister-in-law were in town. 
Connor's vest
Krystal's vest
Not much sewing has been going on here, since I 'closed' my sewing room so that my son could sleep in there over his Christmas visit.  I've been organizing in my sewing room, since he left.  I'm packing up more of his stuff, to make room for more of my sewing stuff.  I'll start packing up all his stuff in the closet over the next few months (HUGE undertaking).  I've already bought shelves to go in the closet, for my fabrics to go on.  My 'organizing' will take me a few months, since I also have to find places to store all the boxes, when they are packed up. 

Happy New Year!


  1. All of your presents are delightful, but I must confess I'm a bit jealous over the fleece vest your son made you. Looks GREAT!


  2. Very nice vests! I too took over my youngest son's room. But he was kind enough to clean it out for me :-)

  3. What wonderful gifts! And those vests - very nice! Glad everyone made it for Christmas. Happy New Year! ~Jeanne

  4. Nice gifts! Your son did a marvelous job on the vests... Dad didn't get one? So is he looking to design a line? Love that he is sewing.

  5. What a blessing your son was to everyone! I love that fabric you got. I agree, you can take the girl out of TX but you can't take TX out of the girl.

  6. What a sweet vest! He is very talented.

  7. I love the scissors vest! WHat a great wearable gift for a quilter!


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