Wednesday, April 1, 2015


In my last post, I told you that we were getting a new dog.  Well, meet Ratchet!  Ratchet is an Alaskan Malamute.
Ratchet, John, Katie & Christopher
That picture was just after the dogs met each other.  Katie was a bit scared of Ratchet at first (he's 5 times her size).  I think she was afraid that he'd step on her.  Katie has bad knees, and can't get out of the way very quickly.

Ratchet is a big ole' Teddy bear!  He flirts with all the ladies, and they all fawn over him.  We took him for a walk at Knock Knoll's park on Saturday.
John & Ratchet
Ratchet is 100 lbs, and takes up lots of room.
Ratchet on the family room floor
Ratchet is settling in well, but, yesterday, we got some bad news.  I took Ratchet to the vet, to get checked out, and get more heartworm meds, and, sadly, Ratchet has heartworm.  He had been on heartworm meds, but, maybe he missed a dose, or something.  Ratchet was taken from one home, by his previous co-owner, since he wasn't being taken care of properly.  The lady we got Ratchet from has taken great care of him, but, somehow her vet didn't check for heartworms.

Yes, we are keeping Ratchet, and, have already started him on the long process to treat him.  Use this as a warning, make sure your pets are on heartworm preventative, AND make sure that they don't miss any doses.  Treatment is hard on the pet (no exercise, restricted movements) for many months.  It is also costly.  Ratchet is so sweet, and I'm glad that we can get him treated.  He should have a nice, long life, after his treatments are done.  Hopefully by this time next year, John will have a new backpacking buddy.  Till then, we'll have a new fur rug and cuddle buddy in the house ;)


  1. I'm so happy Ratchet found your forever loving home. I'm sure he'll enjoy hiking after his treatment is taken care of. I had a Siberian Husky, when I was young. They are very affectionate and great with children.


  2. Our first dog died of heart worm before there was such a treatment. The pills are quite costly and if I am away dring the summer, my husband forgets to give Nikko hers. I do worry. Ratchet seems like such a nice dog and I probably won't have to send you spare dog hair.

  3. You will enjoy Ratchet for a long time and he is lucky to have your forever home.

  4. Oh, what a sweet and wonderful dog!!! I know he will make a great friend and family member for years to come. There's nothing on earth like the love of a good dog - nothing!!!

  5. Beautiful dog. Big dog! I was laughing when read about your new "rug". A member of our family just got a Malamute puppy, and there looks like a half size version of this one.

  6. He looks like a big ol' teddy bear. I'm sure all of your love will cure him even quicker!

  7. Oh, he's beautiful!! Congratulations to all of you! It's sad about the heartworm, but you'll get him through it and now you know that you saved his life and he'll know it too.

  8. Ratchet is beautiful! So glad you know about his problem and are willing to take care of him. He looks like a loving teddybear. Enjoy! ~Jeanne

  9. Get well soon Ratchet. My mother never allowed us a pet growing up and after we left except one brother she got a standard size poodle. I never in my life seen anything as smart as that dog.. did not matter how many fingers you held up he could bark the number. Never had ONE accident in the house.. He would go outside she'd let him back in and he would go stand in the laundry room waiting on her to bring the baby wipes to wipe him up. He was so smart. I have always wish back then they cloned dogs because I do not have any pets but I sure would have had a clone of Charles.. Now to the heart worms He developed them and back in the 70's the vet told her she was going to have to let him go.. could she??? NO WAY.. so she fought it and fought it and mother had a pool.. Charles was bad about when we were outside drinking the pool water. Well she finally made up her mind it was time to take him.. We all cried like it was in immediate family member. The doctor told her he was going to check him one more time to see how bad he had gotten.. GONE they were gone.. The only thing different was he had been drinking the water out of the swimming pool. Amazed us.. So I figure the pool water and the trillions of prayers we sent up and tears we shed saved Charles. He lived to be an old dog..


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