Sunday, April 26, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

Does getting a stitchery ready for stitching count towards slow stitching???  I spend part of the afternoon getting 4 of these marked and ready to stitch. 

4 of these, drawn, on my Light Tracer

stitchery from Jenny of Elefantz
I'm headed in now to work on the binding on 2 mini quilts, while watching a movie. 
stitching the binding on a mini quilt
Hope your Sunday was full of stitching (or at least preparation for stitching).


  1. I was able to sneak in a bit of quilting but nothing ready to show.

  2. I was able to do a little machine quilting and a little knitting so I'll call it a great day! Love your Stitchin' Machines! Have a great week... ~Jeanne

  3. Prep counts, especially prep for slow stitching. Those machines are so pretty and perfect for you.

  4. Of course, prep counts! Are you going to do it without prep time?
    Your leg is sticking out under your quilt... just in case you didn't notice.

  5. It counts! I like that you work in heels!

  6. Of course it counts. My Sunday was full of family ; ) but I did sew later on


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