Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wedding Quilt

Intertwined is completed!  This is the quilt I made for my youngest son's wedding. 

The pattern was a mystery over on Jean's blog.  Last March, McCall's Quick Quilts put this quilt in their magazine.

I started buying fabric for this quilt last March, after I got the pattern.  Of course, I had to change the pattern up a bit.  First, I had to make the quilt BIGGER!  My son wanted a quilt that he and his new bride could snuggle under while watching TV.  Second, my son is about 6' tall.  He likes it when his quilts tuck under his feet, and go over the top of his head.  Hmmm.... 60" square just wasn't going to be big enough.  Ok, I'll redraft the quilt to make it bigger.
my redrafted pattern
Great, this will make a nice sized quilt, 72" x 81" without borders.  Oops, I printed (and made) my Triangulations papers for my Half Square Triangles the wrong size.  512 completed HST's.  I was NOT going to trim them down 1/2". 
parts of block are the wrong size
Oops!  Larger HST's means that the centers are the wrong size.  It's a good thing that I bought lots of fabric.  Oh yea, that also means that the quilt top will be even bigger than planned.

Once all the pieces were cut the correct sizes, the top came together quickly.
Completed top on my queen bed

Ok, I don't want to waste all of those pieces that I'd already cut the wrong size.  I also didn't want to waste all the extra HST's that I'd made. 

Well, this is a wedding quilt.  What better way to teach the happy couple that when you make a mistake, you need to learn from it, and use what you learned.  So, instead of a plain backing, I used my mistakes and made a whole other quilt for the back.
back made from my 'mistakes'
Oh yea, for those that don't know me well, all of this was pieced on a hand crank sewing machine (no motor).
1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank
I'm not a machine quilter, and I don't have time to hand quilt this thing.  Also, this is the largest quilt I've ever made  at 94 1/4" x 105 1/4".  So, off to the long arm quilter.

Erica did a wonderful job on this quilt.  The next few pictures are her pictures of the quilting (with her permission).  Erica found the perfect pattern to use on this quilt.
front of quilt, quilted in variegated thread

up close of the quilting pattern

up close of the quilting on the backing
Erica used King Tut Cleopatra variegated thread on the front and the back.  It's hard to see in the pictures, but, it's lovely in person.  I liked the thread so much that I bought a cone of it at the International Quilt Festival last month.

Well, the quilting was done, now to bind this lovely beast.
binding fabric

This is the binding fabric I chose for this quilt.  It has all of the colors that are in the quilt except the pinks.  I also used this to frame the label for the quilt.
label for the quilt
My oldest son went with me today to take some pictures of the finished quilt.
front of the quilt

back of the quilt
I can't wait to give this to the happy couple!


  1. Wow, that turned out great! I love the back too, it makes it reversible, beautiful!

  2. What a spectacular quilt!! Yes, two quilts in one - not sure which side I like better. The quilting motif is perfect - adds to the motion of the quilt on both sides.

  3. That's beautiful! I love the colors!

  4. Your quilt turned out gorgeous! Good job!

  5. I agree, a spectacular quilt. I love the back as much as the front. Stunning!

  6. What a beautiful and thoughtful quilt. They will be 'beyond' thrilled!

  7. Cheryl - It is beautiful! They will love that it is reversible. You found the perfect binding and your long-armer chose a great motif. Simply gorgeous! Now you can relax until the wedding! ~Jeanne

  8. I love the reversible aspect. That will be a treasure for many many years to come.

  9. Loved reading the story behind this beauty! It's got everything I like in a quilt - strong design, bright colours, and reversible. :) Congrats on a wonderful finish, the happy couple are going to be thrilled!

  10. An amazing finish... congratulations! I'm sure they will love it and treasure it!

  11. I love this! You did a great job using up the leftovers and mistakes...sometimes that's the most fun and creative part! They will love this beautiful gift and I'm honored you used my pattern for such a special gift.

  12. Two quilts in one! Your son and his wife will be thrilled with it.

  13. 2 beautiful quilts in one! Thanks for sharing it/them with us.

  14. Oh my gosh that turned out gorgeous! You did a great job, and the quilting is fabulous. It will be a gift truly appreciated.

  15. Wow ! What beautiful quilts !

  16. Amazingly gorgeous - both the front and the back. Impressive, stunning and so BIG too. You have really hit it out of the park with this gem. Congratulations !~!

  17. Awesome quilt. Beautifully quilted, too. Congratulations on a wonderful finish!

  18. WOW!! Wast not want not, that is a great quilt with two sides. I am sure they will love it.

  19. Holy Camoly! What a WONDERFUL quilt! Look at all I have been missing out on! You both did a great job! It will definitely be cherished forever!

  20. Two quilts in one!!! I love the bright colors and don't blame ya for being exciting to give it to the happy couple!!

  21. Two quilts in one!!! I love the bright colors and don't blame ya for being exciting to give it to the happy couple!!

  22. What a beautiful quilt, or should I say 2 quilts ;) They will be excited to get this present!


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