Friday, July 31, 2015

Beginning, Middle and End

I have a couple projects that are in 'stages'. 

I started 8 snowmen mug rugs this week.  These don't have to be finished until January, but, it was nice to get them started.  So, here is my 'beginning'.

8 mug rug tops
My 'middle' was actually done last week, but, I didn't post about it.  The Frog Churn Dash quilt top is done.  Now to make the backing and get it basted and quilted.
Frog Churn Dash quilt top
Since the colors don't show well in the picture above, here are pictures of just the blocks, before I stitched them together.
blue Frog blocks

green Frog blocks
Now for my 'finish'.  I still need to stitch the binding down by hand, but, other than that, this quilt is DONE!  This quilt will be going to Illinois tornado victims thru Quilts of Compassion.
twin size churn dash quilt

 The colors are washed out in this picture, sorry.  Here is a better picture of just the quilt top.
twin size churn dash top

OK, not that much better.  I never said I was a photographer. 


  1. Lovely beginnings, middles, and ends. I have some various frog prints and love your churn dash with them - might have to borrow that idea.

  2. Love the frogs! I'm not sure I could give that one away.

  3. I love Churn Dash blocks with or without sashing, and very cute with frogs!

  4. All great, but those frogs ... just super!

  5. Great quilts! I'm a big fan of the frogs.

  6. Your churn dash quilts turned out lovely. I agree the frogs are great.

  7. Wonderful projects! And the frogs are adorable. ~Jeanne

  8. Moving right along, they all look good, I'm agreeing with everyone else, I love the frogs especially the green on navy.

  9. I love the churn sash quilts; well done on a finish. And you are doing well with your mug rugs. You'll be finished in plenty of time.

  10. I love the sashing you did in the frog quilt!


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