Thursday, September 10, 2015

National Sewing Machine Day!

Happy National Sewing Machine Day!  There are actually 2 different National Sewing Machine Days (why not celebrate BOTH days)!

Well, I celebrated National Sewing Machine day the PROPER way, by rescuing a vintage sewing machine from the thrift store.  Here are some pictures of my newest sewing machine.

Stitch Master sewing machine (class 15)

lovely faceplate on the end

view from the back
This machine looks just like a Singer 15 sewing machine, except that it says Stitch Master on it, instead of Singer.  Check out the motor on the back.  The 2 places where it would say Singer, or have the red 'S' on the motor plate, have been cut out.
notice where the metal plate has been cut out
It also has a serial number the same place there would be a serial number on a Singer sewing machine.  I couldn't find 'Made in Japan' anywhere on this machine.  Very strange.  Singer didn't make 'badged' sewing machines (machines with someone else's name or 'badge' on the machine).
Serial # DA201062
Singer did have some serial numbers that started with DA, but, they weren't until 1962, and I don't have a list of those numbers.  Either way, I'm pretty certain that this is a Japanese class 15 machine. 

The new sewing machine came with a whole box of attachments and a small box with extra bobbins.
attachments and bobbins
It also came with a blue (not original) foot control, and some scary wiring.
scary wiring and replacement foot control
I just bought lots of wiring, so that I can learn how to re-wire a sewing machine at the Arkansas TOGA in October.  I may have to take 2 machines instead of just one (my machine is the 'example' machine for the wiring demo, woohoo!

I haven't been sewing, like I should have been.  I'm supposed to have a sample made of the tea bag holder that I'm doing a demo of at the Arkansas TOGA.  I'll get it done.  Instead, I pulled out a puzzle yesterday, and started on it.
puzzle I'm working on

what it is supposed to look like, completed
I may have to roll it up, and work on it later (gotta get that sample done soon).

I have done some stitching the past few days....
sewing machine embroidery, almost done
I need to finish the 'stitchery' under the foot of the machine, and a couple of flowers and spools. 

I purchased a different type of sewing machine this week, too.  I guess I've really been thinking about National Sewing Machine day this week.  Sorry it is dusty.  I still need to clean it off.
sewing machine box
*Update on my hand.  I saw the doctor, and, it is ligament damage.  He thinks I just need to give it more time.  I have an appt scheduled in a month, but, I'm hoping I can cancel it.  It is getting better, but, it is slow going. 

Happy Sewing Machine Day!


  1. Great machine! It's always good to make a rescue :-)

  2. I'm sorry about your hand, I'm glad it's getting better. I totally missed National Sewing Machine Day.

  3. Good luck with your hand. So glad that it is getting better. ~Jeanne


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