Sunday, December 13, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

I'm getting lots of stitching done today.  I stitched the binding down on 2 sewing caddies.
one of the sewing caddies, finished

showing hexie pin holder, and pockets on sewing caddy

pin cushion on sewing caddy

both sewing caddies, showing backing

you can tie the caddy shut, when not in use
I got the free pattern from Jenny of Elephantz.  I changed mine up a bit.  I still need to finish 2 more in this colorway, and 4 in another colorway.  You can see the other colorways in this blog post.

When I head back to my sewing room, I'll finish the last bit of stitching on the binding for the Frog Churn Dash quilt.  You can see what little I have left in this picture.
last bit of binding, left to stitch down
All of these are gifts.  All my Christmas presents are almost done.  Now to wrap and ship most of them.

Friday, December 11, 2015

A Finish! A Win! and a Gift!

I've finished the Frog Churn Dash quilt!  Well, all but the last 2 feet of binding (don't hold it against me).
Frog Churn Dash quilt

up close of block

up close of block
Have you purchased chances on raffle quilts before?  I have purchased enough to buy a quilt, I think.  Well, it finally paid off.  I won!!!!!!!!

This raffle quilt was to raise funds for breast cancer survivors in the Peru, IL area, so that they could take yoga classes.  The Ottawa quilt guild made the quilt.
quilt I won
It is so large that hubby couldn't hold it so that all of it showed.  Each Ohio star represents a breast cancer survivor.

Here are the 2 labels on the back of the quilt (sorry they are washed out).  

1 st label on back of quilt

label about who made the quilt
My mother, her sister and their niece (my cousin) are all breast cancer survivors.

I met up with the lady who called me, at Kohl's on Saturday.
Sonie presenting me the quilt
My little quilt guild had it's Christmas party at my home on Monday.  We did a mug & mug rug exchange.  No one could spend more than $1 on a mug, and had to make a mug rug that matched the mug.  I wish I had taken pictures of all the mugs and rugs.  They were GREAT!  Here is the mug & rug I made (29 cents for the mug, in Texas).  The cross stitch was found in a thrift store about 2 years ago, and saved until I found the right project for it.  When I saw the mug, I knew why I'd saved this cross stitch.
mug rug I made

mug rug I made
Here is the mug & rug I  received.  I love the tractors.  The mug has a barn on the other side.
mug & rug I received

showing the whole mug rug
There were candy canes and hot drink mixes in the bag, along with snacks.  Yum!

I'm headed to church, shortly, for a ladies night, where we have an ornament exchange.  The rules are like a White Elephant exchange, so, lots of 'stealing' going on.  Lots of fun and laughs (and good food, too). 

Have a Great Weekend!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Busy! Busy! and an interruption

I have been busy lately.  It's Rush! Rush! Rush! season.  I'm having my little quilt guild's Christmas party at my house on Monday, but, I've had a few interruptions, so, I haven't decorated yet.

Our oven has slowly been going out for the past 8 years.  At first, if you wanted the oven to reach 350 degrees, you set it for 355 degrees.  Now, you set it for at least 375 degrees, and hope it stays there.  It is a oven/microwave combo, so, when the microwave 'smoked' on me, just before Thanksgiving, I decided I wasn't waiting any longer to replace it. 

I found a double oven at IKEA, and bought it.  We purchased a microwave on Monday.  On Tuesday, a friend helped us remove the oven/microwave unit, and told us what we needed to do before we could install the new double oven.
old oven/microwave combo
Well, with a double oven, I knew that I'd lose one of the drawers under the oven area.  Hubby had to do some 'construction' to make everything fit properly.  Of course, the people who built the house had to make it difficult, by gluing the wooden supports to the cabinet walls, thus making it almost impossible to cut them down to size.  Hubby finally figured out how to get everything done.
oven cabinet area, see our new microwave?
Oh yea, and while we were doing the construction, the new double oven had to go somewhere.
new double oven, in my kitchen
Our friend came back over yesterday, to help us finish installing the new double oven. 
New Double Oven
We tested it out last night, and it works!  Woohoo!  I've wanted a double oven for years!  This sure will make Christmas dinner easier to make. 

In between the oven interruptions, I did get some stitching done.   I quilted the Frog Churn Dash quilt.
top, before quilting
I have also made the binding for it.  I just need to sew it on, and stitch it down.
frog quilt, quilted, with binding, waiting to be attached
I also made some more mug rugs.  I saw these mugs at the thrift store, and knew I had the perfect fabric for some mug rugs to match them. 
2 mugs with rugs, and 2 spare mug rugs
I also made 3 more pillowcases, bringing my total up to 20.
frogs, text speak & emoticons, and confetti
We have a tree up, with lights, but, because I've had the dining room table covered with the frog quilt, I haven't unpacked any ornaments yet.  All my Christmas decorations are still in the basement, since we've been involved with the oven.  At least I can cook for Monday night now, even if the house isn't decorated. 

I still have lots of stitching that needs to be done.  I'll be rushing around for the next few weeks, I'm sure.