Sunday, December 13, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

I'm getting lots of stitching done today.  I stitched the binding down on 2 sewing caddies.
one of the sewing caddies, finished

showing hexie pin holder, and pockets on sewing caddy

pin cushion on sewing caddy

both sewing caddies, showing backing

you can tie the caddy shut, when not in use
I got the free pattern from Jenny of Elephantz.  I changed mine up a bit.  I still need to finish 2 more in this colorway, and 4 in another colorway.  You can see the other colorways in this blog post.

When I head back to my sewing room, I'll finish the last bit of stitching on the binding for the Frog Churn Dash quilt.  You can see what little I have left in this picture.
last bit of binding, left to stitch down
All of these are gifts.  All my Christmas presents are almost done.  Now to wrap and ship most of them.


  1. Handy little caddies. I like your choice of fabrics.

  2. Cheryl...Are you going to be in SA for Christmas? I have an offer for you. Email me!


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